Zelenskist Forces Attack Nuclear Power Plant Inside Classic Russia with UAV

I’m the biggest supporter of Russia’s new borders, but it’s become confusing to read the Russian media. They have to refer to the former Ukraine territories as “Russia.” I think “The Territories of the Former Ukraine” would be okay.

Anyway, I saw “Ukraine attacks Russian nuclear plant,” and was confused for a second. Then it clicked. It’s that one I’ve written tens of thousands of words about.

It’s actually not, though.

It’s actually the first thing.

It’s a power plant in Kursk, which is pre-2022 Russia.


A Ukrainian UAV rammed into a nuclear waste storage facility during an attack in Kursk Region in western Russia earlier this week, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed. Local authorities reported on Thursday that several drones had been downed in the vicinity of the Kursk nuclear power plant.

On Saturday, Zakharova accused the Ukrainian military of deliberately targeting the nuclear facility with three UAVs. “One of the UAVs, loaded with explosives, crashed into a nuclear waste warehouse and damaged its walls,” she stated, adding that two more drones fell on an administrative building complex on the plant’s grounds.

Citing preliminary reports, Zakharova said the “unmanned aerial vehicles used to attack the nuclear power plant had components supplied by Western countries.” She went on to claim that the Ukrainian leadership has no qualms about resorting to “nuclear terrorism” in its conflict with Russia.

They had to have targeted this on purpose. It’s insane that this is allowed and encouraged by the US, and will likely be ignored by the UN.

They were attacking the Zaporozhia plant in the former Ukraine for a long time, but at least that was in a war zone.

That was a big saga several months ago. Zelensky was attacking the nuclear plant, and then saying Russia was attacking it themselves. Some of the media was just copywriting Ukraine propaganda and claiming Russians were inexplicably shelling their own nuclear power plant, and the rest of the media was just saying “oh they’re accusing each other.” As if no one knows.

Then the UN visited and refused to release any details about who was shelling it.

Oh, and Zelensky attacked a UN convoy. lol.

I think “nuclear disaster” is some kind of personal goal of Zelensky.