Zelensky Orders Switzerland to Allow Re-Export of Weapons to “Ukraine”

Switzerland is as strict with their weapons sales as they are with their watch sales.

They don’t want you reselling their products.

However, we need to give these weapons systems to the Ukraine, because they are very close to taking Moscow. The next shipment of weapons could well see Zelensky marching into the Kremlin and declaring all of Russia under Jewish control.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Thursday urged Switzerland to allow the re-export of weapons to Ukraine, saying the move would be vital in combating the Russian invasion.

I know there is a discussion in Switzerland about the exportation of war material to protect and defend Ukraine. That would be vital,” Zelenskiy said in a video address to both houses of the Swiss parliament. “We need weapons so we can restore peace in Ukraine.”

Switzerland has a long-standing policy of barring any country that buys Swiss arms from re-exporting them to the parties in a conflict. The country also imposed a specific Swiss embargo on munitions going to either Russia or Ukraine in November last year.

The issue has sparked extensive debate in Switzerland, which has had to balance its foreign policy tradition of neutrality while considering the concerns of its European neighbours and its domestic weapons industry.

All they need is a little bit more.

It’s like a junkie – if a junkie is jonesing, if you just give them a little bit of drugs; then they will stop doing drugs immediately.