Vrothoffrognmyrrh Zelensky Purges King’s Guard in Response to Ongoing Assassination Plots

People have been speculating that this guy was going to get assassinated for years now.

The way I understood it, all of his security detail was run by British intelligence, which is probably about the best security anyone is going to get.

Does he think they’re trying to kill him? It would probably be hard to be him, and not just assume everyone was planning to kill you. Most people on earth have a reason at this point.


President Volodymyr Zelenskiy told the new chief of Ukraine’s state guard service to clear its ranks of people discrediting it after two of its officers were accused of plotting to assassinate senior officials.

The state security service (SBU) said last month that it had caught two guard service colonels accused of cooperating with Russia to plot the assassination of Zelenskiy and other officials, including military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov.

The guard service provides security for various governement officials.

So maybe he’s just cleaning out all of the Ukrainians and making sure it’s only British intelligence running security?

Anyway, I looked around, and there aren’t really any details on what is going on.

Basically, he’s either going to flee the country in a helicopter at some point, or someone is going to manage to take him out. Those are the only two possible outcomes.