Zelensky Says Hohols Now “Psychologically Ready” to Conquer Crimea

How did this become a discussion about Crimea?

What is even going on?

Are people taking this seriously?


Ukrainians are now psychologically ready to retake the Crimean Peninsula from Russia by force, President Vladimir Zelensky told French broadcaster TF1 in an interview on Sunday. “The Reconquest” of Crimea has supposedly already started in Ukrainians’ heads, the president claimed, hinting that he could visit the “de-occupied” peninsula as early as 2023.

“The operation itself has not started yet,” Zelensky said, when asked about Kiev’s plans for Crimea. “When it starts, you will definitely hear about it,” he told TF1, adding that he personally believes “the reconquest of Crimea has started in people’s heads, and that’s very important.”

According to Zelensky, it was not enough for Kiev to just repeatedly state that the peninsula is a part of Ukrainian territory. Ukraine should be ready to retake it by force, he said, adding that Russia would hardly give up on it.

“One should be ready and go [to Crimea],” Zelensky said. “No one would just surrender Crimea for no particular reason. Reconquest always starts with society: with its will and readiness. I believe the start has been made,” the president explained.

Taking Crimea means a full-on invasion of Russia.

Mind you: the entire Ukrainian army has been wiped out. The EU admits this.

The current Ukrainian army is made up primarily of foreign mercenaries hired by the US State Department.

Ukraine is not really even involved in this war, and has no stake in it beyond the fact that their country is being destroyed. They have zero stake in the outcome, and they’re not really involved. Their president is a foreign Jew controlled by the US State Department, and all of the potential outcomes relate only to US interests.

The Ukraine people are not even getting a cut from Zelensky’s merch store.

They’re worse off than reservation Indians, who do get a cut of the casino biz.