Zelensky Says Humans Should be Wiped Out, Replaced with Dogs

According to Christianity, Jews have souls, but until they repent and turn to Jesus, they are carrying a curse in their blood for the murder of Christ.

Saint Matthew records that while committing deicide, these rats said “let His blood be on our heads and those of our children.” That was calling down a generational curse.

However, it is also the Christian belief that they can be redeemed, just as everyone can be.

The situation leads to interesting questions about the current state of unrepentant Jews. For example: are they capable of feeling guilt over the evil they commit? My thinking is “generally, no.”

But I see how horrible Zelensky looks all the time. He looks like his dog just died, every time you see him. He’s killed more than half a million people, and totally destroyed an entire country.

I wonder if he feels guilt?


Dogs are “always funny” and seem to be a better option for Earth than humans, considering the many conflicts around the world, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told journalists on Wednesday.

The Ukrainian leader expressed his fondness for canines as he was wrapping up a virtual appearance at the Reuters NEXT conference. Zelensky contrasted the joy he gets from his pets with what he feels “looking at all these wars, looking at all the crises… not only Ukraine, [but] in Africa, in the Middle East.” 

“Sometimes I am looking at these and think that the best way if this planet will be the planet of dogs,” he added. “Sometimes I don’t understand people, really… Just crazy, crazy people.” 

The audience took the remark as a joke.

Who is he talking about though?

Remember, he wanted to surrender just weeks after the Russian invasion, and announced that he would be surrendering in order to save lives and to save the nation of the Ukraine.

Then Boris Johnson flew in and explained to him he was not allowed to bring peace to the country, and that he must engage in a massive war on behalf of the United States.

Maybe this is a moment of humanness shining through the Jewness, and he is saying he doesn’t understand the people who forced him to do this war, forced him to have all of this blood on his hands?

During the event, Zelensky expressed confidence that Ukraine could deliver “battlefield results” in the conflict with Russia, contradicting some members of Kiev’s military leadership. General Valery Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, told The Economist last week that the conflict had reached a stalemate and that there was unlikely to be a “deep and beautiful breakthrough.”

A Time magazine profile of Zelensky, also published last week, claimed that the president’s belief in Kiev’s eventual victory over Moscow was “bordering on messianic,” while a presidential aide quoted by the outlet described the Ukrainian leader as “delusional.” 

Yeah, I forgot to write about that second thing there.

We covered the comments by Zaluzhny, which seem to signal the end of the war. One might wonder if he would want to seize power in a coup and then manage the surrender. But we’ve been wondering that for a while.

The TIME profile was brutality unleashed.

It was written by a Jew who wrote a book about Zelensky who appears to now have allegiance to Israel, and wants them to get all the money going forward. Many such cases.

In his video appearance at the Reuters conference, Zelensky claimed that Kiev had suffered significantly fewer casualties than Russia.

“I can say that they are for today minimum… five times less,” the leader said, opening up one hand to stress the purported difference. 

Yes, this is actually delusional, if he believes it.

If it was five times less, that would mean that Russia had lost over two million soldiers.

In reality, there is no situation where you lose a war for two years and suffer fewer casualties than the side that’s winning.

It’s bizarre how the entire media is now turning against Zelensky. It was bound to happen.

But in some way, you can almost be sympathetic. After all, he actively tried to prevent the war, after running on a platform of ending it, and he was forced into doing the most disgusting thing ever (before the Gaza thing) by bullies in Washington.