Zelensky Says Offensive Slower Than Desired Because It Isn’t a Hollywood Movie

As this war was advertised to me, it is literally a Hollywood movie.

I don’t think you can really walk that one back.

Sorry Jew.


President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was quoted on Wednesday as saying progress in Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian forces was “slower than desired”, but that Kyiv would not be pressured into speeding it up.

Some people believe this is a Hollywood movie and expect results now. It’s not,” Britain’s BBC quoted him as saying in an interview to be broadcast later in the day. “What’s at stake is people’s lives.”

His adversary, Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Moscow had observed a “lull” in Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which began early this month. Although Ukraine still had some offensive potential, Kyiv understood it had “no chance”, Putin said in televised remarks.

Ukraine says it has reclaimed eight villages so far in its long-awaited counter-offensive, its first substantial gains on the battlefield for seven months.

But Ukrainian forces so far have yet to push their way to the main defensive lines that Russia has had months to prepare. Kyiv is believed to have set aside 12 brigades of thousands of troops each, most of which have yet to join the fight.

Reuters has visited some villages recaptured by Ukrainian forces and confirmed an advance of several kilometres. Moscow says it has been resisting the Ukrainian advances since early June.

The BBC quoted Zelenskiy as saying the military push was not going easily because 200,000 square km (77,220 square miles) of Ukrainian territory had been mined by Russian forces.

“Whatever some might want, including attempts to pressure us, with all due respect, we will advance on the battlefield the way we deem best,” he added.

Everything about the advertisement for this war has been based on the premise that it is literally a Hollywood movie.

We’re not even talking about good Hollywood movies.

Not even war-related Hollywood movies, like Saving Private Ryan or something.

NATO said that Russia is Thanos and Darth Vader.

This was the latest war ad I saw from the Ukraine government:

Support for this war was based on the premise that it is a Hollywood movie.

If we’re now hearing that it’s actually not, a lot of people are going to reconsider their support.