Zelensky Strips Orthodox Christian Priests of Citizenship


Do republicans support an all-out war against Christianity by a Jewish terrorist?

I’m sure some of them do. Many Zionists believe that Judaism is superior to Christianity. However, there is probably a reason that Sean Hannity is not celebrating the powerful Jew Zelensky closing down churches, burning images of Christ, and arresting or exiling Christian priests. Some voters would not really like this very much.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has stripped 13 priests within the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) of the country’s citizenship, the Levy Bereg (Left Bank) newspaper reported on Saturday, citing government sources.

The presidential decree targeting the clerics was purportedly signed by Zelensky in late December but has not been published officially, since it contains the personal data of the priests whose citizenship was being revoked.

Later in the day, however, the newspaper circulated a list of the affected individuals. For instance, it includes Ionafan, the metropolitan bishop of the Tulchin diocese in Vinnitsa Region, who was targeted by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) last October.

The domestic security agency accused the cleric of sowing religious discord and supporting Russia, claiming it had seized incriminating materials, including various “printed pro-Russian content and propaganda literature.” The list also includes his subordinate vicar, Bishop Sergey, who allegedly serves as a “caretaker” for Ionafan’s property of dubious origin, the newspaper noted.

In the Ukraine democracy (only democracy in Russia), soldiers were sent in to closed churches to burn icons of Jesus and His Mother.

Zelensky is an ultra Jew, and he is treating Christians the way the Bolsheviks treated Christians.

Did you miss this clip?

These people hate God and they hate Jesus.

They are an absolute menace to the earth.