AI to Overwhelm Internet with Sexual Imagery of Kids, Watchdog Warns

Oh, yeah, sure – it’s about protecting the children.

We have to totally shut down any private use of AI – only massive corporations can do it – because otherwise people are going to start jacking off to realistic kiddie porn.

We can’t allow anyone any kind of freedom at all, because of morality. They will make bad decisions. Basically, we should just lock everyone in prison, to ensure no one makes any bad decisions. Because of morality.

The Guardian:

The “worst nightmares” about artificial intelligence-generated child sexual abuse images are coming true and threaten to overwhelm the internet, a safety watchdog has warned.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) said it had found nearly 3,000 AI-made abuse images that broke UK law.

The UK-based organisation said existing images of real-life abuse victims were being built into AI models, which then produce new depictions of them.

It added that the technology was also being used to create images of celebrities who have been “de-aged” and then depicted as children in sexual abuse scenarios. Other examples of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) included using AI tools to “nudify” pictures of clothed children found online.

The IWF had warned in the summer that evidence of AI-made abuse was starting to emerge but said its latest report had shown an acceleration in use of the technology. Susie Hargreaves, the chief executive of the IWF, said the watchdog’s “worst nightmares have come true”.

Earlier this year, we warned AI imagery could soon become indistinguishable from real pictures of children suffering sexual abuse, and that we could start to see this imagery proliferating in much greater numbers. We have now passed that point,” she said.

“Chillingly, we are seeing criminals deliberately training their AI on real victims’ images who have already suffered abuse. Children who have been raped in the past are now being incorporated into new scenarios because someone, somewhere, wants to see it.”

AI-generated CSAM is illegal under the Protection of Children Act 1978, which criminalises the taking, distribution and possession of an “indecent photograph or pseudo photograph” of a child. The IWF said the vast majority of the illegal material it had found was in breach of the Protection of Children Act, with more than one in five of those images classified as category A, the most serious kind of content, which can depict rape and sexual torture.

The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 also criminalises non-photographic prohibited images of a child, such as cartoons or drawings.

I don’t think it actually is illegal in America.

The Japanese make all of that cartoon child porn – “loli” – and that’s definitely legal in America.

But if it’s illegal in the UK, then it’s already illegal, and I don’t know what you’re supposed to do? People can install AI software on their own computer, and make these images and then masturbate. Obviously, I don’t think that’s something anyone should be doing, but how exactly does this even relate to the government, if it’s not being distributed?

This amounts to making it illegal to “think bad thoughts.”

Like, what if the government said “it’s illegal to think about a child in a sexual way”? What exactly would that mean about the power of the government? And how is that any different from this AI child porn scare I am reading about right now?

Even if the government was operating under a totally moral system – and it obviously is not – using laws to enforce every form of morality is simply not possible, and it is not something anyone ever thought of before.

This is part of why religion exists – to police people’s morality. A “crime” generally has to have a victim, which makes thought crime – even when you don’t agree with the thought, or can say the thought is objectively bad – something that exists outside of government authority.

You can ban distributing virtual child porn. I think the distribution of all porn should be banned. But in terms of someone making child porn on their computer and masturbating to it – I dunno man.

This all just sounds like a way to give the government a whole lot more authority.

But hey – maybe it’s somehow about “protecting children” (even though there is no child victim of AI child porn).