Alabama Priest Who Married 18-Year-Old Girl Now Officially Removed from Priesthood

Alex Crow

All of this “grooming” bullshit is just gay and retarded bullshit that literally has no meaning at all.

That said, he knew he wasn’t allowed to have a wife as a priest, so obviously he gets kicked out.

The question is: why is a priest not allowed to have a wife? Because he will transfer his estates to his kids in an illegal and corrupt way?

Is there not a better solution to that problem, assuming that is a problem that could even exist in modern times?

The Catholic Church is now “blessing” anal marriage. Nb4 “akshullllly” – just shut the fuck up. Everyone has seen the photos of them in the church issuing blessings to faggots. I don’t want to hear about how that is not happening. I’m sick of it. It’s retarded, and you people are defending pure satanism based on ridiculous Jewish legalisms.

Anyway – maybe it’s time to start rethinking several of these things, such as why a priest can’t be married if he wants to be married. Celibacy was always an option, but Saint Paul was clear it’s fine for a priest to marry, and it was fine through most of the history of the Church. Mandatory celibacy was a mistake.

New York Post:

Disgraced Alabama priest Alex Crow — who ran off to Italy and later married a catholic school teen months after she graduated — has been officially removed from the priesthood, the church announced.

“The Archdiocese of Mobile has received notice that the laicization of Alex Crow is complete, effective immediately,” a statement provided by the office of Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi read Friday.

Crow, 30, had asked to be removed from the priesthood, with the request being “confirmed in a letter by our Holy Father, Pope Francis.”

Laicization — the process of removing a clergy member, which strips the bishop, priest, or deacons from conducting duties as figures of the catholic church — can be initiated after a service leader is absent for more than six months, according to the church.

“Before the six-month period was over, Crow initiated the process for his own laicization, a move the Archbishop supported,” the statement read.

As of Friday, Crow no longer has any “privileges or responsibilities of the priesthood.”

The Chruch shared that Crow did not appeal the move during the process.

The now-defrocked priest and an 18-year-old graduate of McGill-Toolen High School, of which Crow had often served as a guest lecturer, fled to Italy in July 2023.

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Their love affair became evident when law enforcement caught wind of love letters Crow sent the teen on Valentine’s Day while she was still a student.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office and Mobile County District Attorney’s Office conducted what would ultimately be fruitless investigations into possible wrongdoing by the former priest.

There’s no wrongdoing. You’re allowed to flirt with an underage girl and then marry her when she turns 18. This is called normal human biology. Actually, normal human biology would be to just go ahead and marry her when she’s 14, like people did since the beginning of time, but whatever.


We now call basic and obvious human reproductive behavior “pedophilia,” so okay.

But mutilating the genitals of children is good.



There’s no point in even trying to make sense of this gibberish.

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