Ireland: Horde of Cops Guard Invaders Against Locals from Small Town

In no Western country are the cops there to protect the people. Cops protect the government and the interests of the government.

One of the biggest interests of Western governments is the program of replacing the populations of our countries with vicious brown people.

Irish Times:

The first asylum seekers have been moved into the Racket Hall hotel in Roscrea, Co Tipperary, amid a Garda presence.

The Garda Public Order Unit was deployed on Monday with up to 200 people involved in a “stand-off” at the hotel, which is due to house 160 International Protection applicants amid ongoing shortfalls and pressure on the State’s capacity to house refugees and asylum seekers. There was at least one arrest.

The families were due to be moved in last Friday, but their arrival was delayed amid opposition and protests.

Over 200 people protested on Monday, during work hours, in a town of just over 5000

In a briefing note issued to local public representatives last week, the Department of Integration said 160 beds will be provided for international protection applicants in the hotel on the Dublin Road in Roscrea.

Protesters had mounted a demonstration within hours of the decision being announced and said they would attempt to block any vehicles carrying asylum seekers from entering the car park, arranging shifts to ensure the barricade is manned at all times.

The Racket Hall hotel was the only hotel operating in Roscrea until it closed the doors to the public on Thursday night following the announcement the owners of the facility have signed a 12-month contract to use its 40 rooms to accommodate 160 international protection applicants.

According to the department’s briefing note, the property consists of a “large refurbished four-star hotel accommodation” with amenities and “ample community recreational space on site”. It will have high-speed wifi.

No one in Ireland voted on this program of being ethnically cleansed. None of this stuff ever goes to a vote in a democracy.

In a country with a “dictator,” the government can’t do things like this to the population, because they know they will be held responsible. In a democracy, no one is held responsible for anything, and they can’t be, so the government can just do whatever it wants.

Democracy is the only system of government that allows the government to be in an open state of war with the population, while giving the population no ability to petition grievances.

This is the literal faggot minister who’s helping flood Ireland with foreigners