Further Criticism and Defense of Alex Jones

Alex Jones, pictured giving a lecture about Sandy Hook to a young boy

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Alex Jones is the topic of the hour after he was restored to Twitter and did a very major podcast with Elon Musk.

I wrote a comment on a secret gamer forum where I both defended and criticized Jones for various reasons. Mostly, it’s analysis of his current state.

The commentary began as a reply to someone mentioning that Jones has published a schizophrenic book.

Comment follows. 

It’s virtually impossible he wrote a book. There’s very little profit there and it’s very easy to get someone else to do it and if you think about it, he’s really got a lot on his plate, with the amount he is on air (whether that is real work or not when he’s not focused enough to follow a thought, it’s still a large energy expenditure), however many kids he has, managing $200 million dollars or whatever, dealing with the lawsuits, trying to keep a staff, dealing with whatever celebrity relationships he has… a book takes me 75-100 hours, it would take most people a lot longer.

So it’s actually funnier to think about who the ghostwriter is, if it’s a normal guy and he is overseeing it like “no, that should be a comma, not a period. And you need to add the part about George Bernard Shaw’s meeting with HG Wells to the paragraph about Xi Jinping’s admiration of Adolf Hitler.”

He’s always been off in a way that is hard to put your finger on. He’s said he has autism, but none of these are really standard autistic traits. I guess in some sense autism is fake and it’s just a “spectrum” of different types of atypical neurobiology. But he definitely has degraded severely. From what I’ve seen, he has never been a big reader, other than a lot of news articles, and he just makes bizarre connections that don’t really follow and then he just makes stuff up. That’s sort of the standard pattern. But he used to make some good documentaries. I think they’re all basically good and focused, even if they’re not entirely accurate. I think Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State is the best, and it contains some bad information, and obviously hysterical sensationalism (he was at the time predicting George Bush would establish a Nazi reich), but a lot of the stuff about the problems in the official 911 story still holds up.

But some of the stuff is really weird. Like he read these stories about how people with the same names as the hijackers (there are a lot of Moslems and not a lot of Moslem names) had somehow been confused with the hijackers, and he turned that into “they’re still alive, they just picked random people from Saudi Arabia and accused them of this.” There are so many examples of these really weird mistakes.

Tucker and Alex have had back and forth interviews since before Tucker got his show. The dates would be interesting, because at least as late 2012 (I think), Tucker was still supporting full neocon shit, so the first AJ interview might show when and how his persona changed to anti-war populist. But this was a big interview, and I was shocke”d at the lack of qualifiers that Tucker put on it. I guess he does this with other people, but this was extreme. You’d think he’d do a bigger “I don’t agree with a lot of what you say I just think you should have free speech” thing.

It’s also bullshit to show Alex’s prediction of 9/11, because although that seems remarkable, he makes at least 10 predictions per on-air hour. Play the clip where he says that Fukushima will cause millions of cancer deaths in California in two years, or play the entire documentary he made about how laws would be changed to allow Arnold to become president and he was a Nazi and would establish America as an Aryan occultist nation. Literally any clip relating to covid. He’s the one who invented the bioweapon narrative and found  or at least popularized the (true in a way) links between the NIH and Chinese labs (not just in Wuhan, btw – it was standard off-shoring, just of bio-tech research instead of Nike factories). From the time of the 9/11 prediction, you can play the Y2K show, which is still online somewhere, where he says all Y2K shit is real and then announces on air that he’s “getting reports” that the Russians have already launched nukes that will be hitting American cities in minutes.

The 9/11 prediction was not really that remarkable even if it hadn’t been in this context of a barrage of nonstop wrong predictions, literally every few minutes, because it was just from news reports. And he tells Tucker what is true, which is that the FBI had already staged a false flag at WTC and that they were constantly talking about Osama bin Laden. Anyone who reads 100 news articles a day could have said their was a possibility of that. He was also talking about the X-Files show that predicted 9/11, which was actually from insiders.

When it’s “turning the frogs gay” tier stuff, it’s literally just the same thing we do on this site, reading studies that haven’t hit mainstream news. He didn’t “predict” that frogs would become hermaphroditic, he just read a news article about the fact it was already happening. It had actually been happening for a long time, because of the way amphibians respond to hormone disruptors. I guess a stupid person sees that and thinks it’s just a crazy person ranting, but everyone who followed the whole petrochemical hormone disruptor scandal – which has been a thing since the 1990s – knew exactly what he was talking about, and someone with a certain level of intelligence probably could have sussed it out even if they were not aware of the plastic scandal.

It’s a strange mix, truly, because there are a lot of “hidden truths” mixed in, but they basically end up having no value, not even just because of the Jew shilling (and the sinophobia, which is the inverse of the Jew shilling), but because of the misinterpretation of what things mean and the making of connections that don’t follow logically.

Looking back on my own development, when he dominated the “alternative right” online, it’s difficult to say if it’s positive or negative. I don’t know what direction I would have went in if he’d not been there. I think I would have gotten to the Jew being the dominant thing in 2002 instead of 2010. I think he did gatekeep me. At the same time, there is some value in having some slightly unhinged guy ranting about anything, in any direction, because it does just open your mind up to possibilities. Personally, I think my mind would have been open regardless, but that probably isn’t the case for everyone.

It’s hard to say how much he’s lying and how much is legitimately some kind of atypical neurology (I don’t think he’s insane/crazy – that should be reserved for people who totally loose touch with reality, he’s more just “hysterical and easily confused”). Aside from the Jews, he will also back-off of other things and lie. He backed off of Comet Pizza which is like, the one time you find something that no normal person could really deny is like some kind of real satanic conspiracy. He always talks about Bohemian Grove, and while I think his documentary on it was good and fun, I don’t know that you can really prove that this isn’t just standard Masonic bullshit. Nixon’s statement that “it’s the faggotiest goddamn place I’ve ever seen” is pretty powerful, I guess. And back in the 00s, he went hard on the idea that George W. Bush was gay, and the White House did set up a “male escort” (gay prostitute) as a fake journalist. There’s a lot of other stuff I don’t even remember right now, but the general idea of some kind of homosexual and pedophilic satanic cult operating in Washington is compelling, but the biggest proof ever was Pizzagate, and he backed off because of a lawsuit threat.

Speaking personally, I’ve never backed off of anything because of a threat of a lawsuit.