“Dial-It-In” Sunday is Here Again!

I sure wish that satyr didn’t have an arm coming out of his face. But this is just too perfect otherwise. We really need something where we can highlight the one messed up part of the image and have it re-rendered. Also, Joker’s robes are the typical colors of Christ, which is not ideal, although I don’t think it’s blasphemous. Love the Jack-o-Lantern. Did not request that. I love how the nymph in the top left is like “all hell nah, this nigga cray-cray” while the one on the right is like “please, let me get a kiss, Mr. J.” The project of “my favorite pop culture characters join my favorite pagan gods in classic paintings” is going to be big. Although honestly, I think my service with Bing might be about up. I’ve been studying Stable Diffusion and I’m sure my supporters are going to be sending me enough bitcoin to buy a really nice GPU very soon. I think Stable Diffusion is probably ready for my “Silver Age Green Lantern is gay” comic book, which will outsell the IRL “Gay Lantern” by a factor of 1000x.

As I said last Sunday, I’m thinking about just not writing on Sundays (most likely, I would post one pre-prepared “self-help” type article).

But I’ve been doing it for over ten years, so I’m not just stopping all of a sudden.

I promised a return of the Illness Revelations next week. So we’ll have some of that. I also have a couple of other good things.

I am at some point going to write about the Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones interview and the stolen valor they did against me, claiming Alex Jones is “the most censored man.”

Jones is at best #4, and the only reason for that is the lunatic judgements he was issued (which he is apparently totally dodging). Aside from those lawsuits, he’s just one of how many thousands or even tens of thousands of people who have been banned from social media. He’s never been banned from Cloudflare and he’s never been domain-banned, so it’s really just a total joke.

Further, it’s not like he’s so much more relevant than me. In 2017, when I was banned, I was getting around 65% of the traffic of Infowars.com, and dailystormer.com was much younger. If neither of us had suffered any censorship at all, I would be much more popular than him right now.

So it’s just a lie from Carlson and Jones that he’s the most banned, and it’s a sickening lie, because it is stolen valor.

Stolen valor.


What’s the Other Thing…?

Oh. The other thing is: I want to do an interview with a leftist about Gaza and ideas about room for the right-left to unite against Israel.

I think the left is probably outraged enough about Gaza to put aside some other disagreements. And as I’m the “furthest right” major public figure, it makes sense that I would be the one to talk to, as anyone else is going to be more reasonable than me. So if I can get along with a leftist, and come up with some kind of “ceasefire” while we’re both protesting Israel, I think it would hold (at least until Israel stops the war, which is probably not going to be for a while.)

So if there’s a bigish leftist podcast that wants to talk to me, I’m down. I say “bigish” because… because I can’t think of another word. I’m not going to put a minimum listeners limit on it, they don’t have to be in the same range of popularity as me, but it has to be something that’s not totally irrelevant. Like, I need to see some Twitter accounts with some followers or some other metrics, because I can’t just be doing interviews with randos.

Ongoing Donation Drive

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I almost made enough to pay one month of the site so far. No, actually I did, if I include the big ETH donation I got. That pays one month. But this has been… so much begging.

So, so much begging.

Also: yes, the BTC address I send you is good forever, if you want to keep using it. I am also just going to operate this email and send new ones forever, so if you’re concerned about privacy, you can just request another one every month or whatever.

Again: it’s not full privacy. But it’s much better.

Also, as a reminder, I still prefer Monero, all things being equal (because that is full privacy, and also it’s less volatile). I am doing BTC (and now I guess ETH) because people are confused by Monero (rightfully so, I’m not really complaining – I mean, I am complaining, but I understand).

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