American Personnel Injured During Attack on Airbase in Iraq

The security apparatus appears to be trying to cover up injuries at American bases in Iraq and Syria.

Iran is attacking these bases, and if Americans are dying or getting injured, the US is obligated to respond with total war.

That is the US position: “If you shoot a rocket at one of our illegal bases in a foreign country, we will destroy your country and kill millions.”

Of course, the whole reason Iran is shooting these drone+rocket packages (that no one can defend from) is to show that the US is a pussy.

New York Post:

US personnel suffered minor injuries during an attack Saturday on the Ain Al-Asad airbase base in western Iraq amid escalating conflicts in the Middle East, according to reports.

A US defense source and Iraqi police official told AFP that at least a dozen missiles were fired at the base, which hosts US and other international military troops in Iraq.

Al-Asad airbase was targeted by 15 rockets,” an Iraqi police official told the outlet, adding that attacks came from within Anbar province, the southwestern Iraq region where the base is located.

The police official added that while 13 of the projectiles were shot down, “two fell on the airbase.”

The US defense official confirmed that “missiles impacted Al-Asad airbase,” and that a damage assessment was being conducted.

The individuals injured were not immediately identified.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a loose coalition of Iran-backed militia groups opposing US support of Israel amid its war with Hamas, claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack, AFP reported.

In addition to the American personnel injuries, a member of Iraq’s security forces was severely wounded during Saturday’s strike, according to a US official.

Saturday’s attack came as a barrage of strikes pounded Iran-linked targets across the Middle East Saturday, with tensions continuing to swell in the wake of Israel’s war with Tehran-backed Hamas on Oct. 7.

Basically, no one is safe anymore. The US spent trillions on missile defense systems, and now they can very easily be totally broken by flooding them with hundreds or thousands of cheap drones.

This should cause the US to rethink its global domination strategy. It should cause them to rethink the Jewish Israel project – which is the heart of the global domination strategy – completely.

But these people are not very smart.