US Does More Major Strikes on Yemen for Some Reason

White baseball caps. Freaking based.

It’s called a “war.”

This is a war.

ABC News:

The U.S. and U.K. on Monday staged airstrikes against eight locations in Yemen aimed at stopping Iran-backed Houthi militants from attacking ships in the Red Sea.

The White House has insisted the retaliatory airstrikes — eight rounds so far — have been effective despite repeated Houthi attacks.

Really? Is that what they’re saying now?

They weren’t saying that before.

Before, they explicitly said that they are “not working.”

U.S. Central Command said Monday airstrikes took place at 11:59pm Sanaa time and targeted “missile systems and launchers, air defense systems, radars, and deeply buried weapons storage facilities” and that they were separate from the multinational Operation Prosperity Guardian to protect ships in the Red Sea.

The strike on the underground storage facility marked the first time the U.S. had struck such a facility that they said housed more advanced conventional weaponry than was struck in the initial strike on Jan. 11 said senior U.S. military officials in a briefing with reporters.

I love how it’s “US and UK,” as if the UK government is anything more than a proxy for the US.

They might as well just list “The Marshall Islands” there too, no?

But my favorite part is how the Republicans are out there saying that Biden isn’t hardcore enough about starting a war with Yemen, and Trump was much more serious about it.

This is after Trump condemned the attacks and said that Biden was getting us into “yet another endless war in the Middle East.”

It’s incredible, the way people are able to say “the GREAT TRUMP supports this [thing he explicitly denounced]” because they all know Trump won’t ever say anything against anyone saying nice things about him.