HOT: Elon Bites Jew, Draws Blood, Tucker Interviews Candace About Rat Shapiro Attack!

So, I’m tired after writing about AI for a long time.

But it’s sort of a big deal that Elon replied yesterday to someone saying some serious business about the Jews:

I screenshotted it because Elon might just end up magically banned from his own site for posting that. (Plus the thing where you can’t see a whole tweet as an embed so you have to click through to read it is gay and retarded.)

Apparently, this is moving faster than even I thought it would, and it is now acceptable to say that Jews spread hatred against white people while flooding their countries with immigrants.

It’s very fantastic. Musk is a yipper, but that was a solid bite that drew blood.

The media is throwing a fit, of course.

I expect Elon to start pissing and shitting and running to some rabbinical council led by Ben Shapiro to beg forgiveness.

But if he doesn’t – well, let’s just say that though I’ve talked a lot of shit, it was always just tough love. I always wanted Elon Musk to be a man of great destiny, and a great man of history, rather than a yipping kikesucker.

One man who lived his life as a criminal repented to Christ while dying next to him, and he went directly to Heaven. There is always time to repent and do what’s right, and as a Christian, I will never hold past mistakes against anyone who starts doing the right thing.

This is pretty big news, actually. I should be more excited. Elon has said a lot of stuff, but this is the furthest he’s ever gone. It’s just that I’ve been getting excited about this guy since he started pumping Bitcoin like five years ago, and nothing has happened. He always backs down.

But again: I have infinite “one more chances” at my disposal.

If he wants to roll deep, he should unban me from Twitter. I will fight for you, Elon. I have an army.

In other news, Tucker Carlson interviewed Candace Owens after she was attacked by her boss, the ratty kike Ben Shapiro, for quoting the Bible.

I haven’t watched the interview, but saw the news story.

Ben has been having an absolute breakdown since the thing started in Palestine. Candace quoted the Book of Matthew and Ben said she should quit her job.

(Gonna have to do two separate screenshots here, because of the way these tweets nest. If Elon’s going against the Jews, he needs to stop these tweets from nesting like rats.)

We know about the way he does his contracts. He’s trying to get Candace to do something so she doesn’t get money if he fires her.

Of course, at this point, he’s much more concerned about his homeland and his race than he is about money. He’s totally unhinged.

She noted that he’s unhinged, but has gone too far.

She further noted that the Bible is not about him, and accurately stated that Christ is King.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Just like with Elon, I’ve always had high hopes for Candace, and ended up let down.

Tucker is a third one. He jumped right in to help Candace.

Charlie Kirk never let me down because I never thought he was anything other than a gay retard, but he’s taking issue with Shapiro as well.

This situation in Gaza is changing things.

You know I’m the number one person who is always saying you should never get angry, you should never expend emotional resources on people you don’t know. But with Gaza, I’m testing the limits of my zen. I haven’t smashed anything, and I haven’t cried or gotten upset, but I’ve seen how either of those things would be possible if I didn’t have this level of zen mastery.

Normal people see these videos of the babies the Jews are murdering, and they start screaming about Hitler.

By the way, I don’t watch the videos. I don’t think you should either, really. Everyone who supports Israel should have their eyes pried open like in A Clockwork Orange and be forced to watch these videos.

But… Is anyone still supporting Israel? Or is this a total illusion?

Jews are not registering what is happening right now. I am registering it. I can tell you that. My finger is on the pulse.

It’s totally beyond the pale what these Jews are doing, and it shakes the core of every human being who witnesses it. Everything is going to be different after this. Everything already is different, apparently.

The Jews have done what I have spent ten years saying they would eventually do: they have come unglued. They’ve taken their hatred and evil to max level, on the public stage, and now they simply cannot go around claiming to be victims anymore. The entire era of Jewish victimhood has ended, and they are now people like anyone else, subject to criticism.

They will lash out against that criticism, and they will continue to claim that they only slaughter little kids because they are the victims of the whole world, and that will keep making it worse.

It’s all coming back home again.