I Want to Make Donald Trump AI Videos…

This Donald Trump AI audio is great.

I want to start making these.

But I don’t have time. Speaking of AI and not having time, I also don’t have time to finish the AI blitz, which didn’t really start until yesterday.

To be clear, these are the core AI Week articles so far:

It’s not that bad, actually.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

It’s just that I haven’t gotten to any of my main points yet, and now I have things to do.

However, as I said yesterday, there is no reason to rush as long as we’re all having fun.

Click here for Full “Illness Revelations” Collected Texts (So Far)

Next week is Fleece Week AKA “The Great Fleecing,” but I’ll finish up AI Week as well. I might get the main one finished and posted this evening. We’ll see. If not, I have notes, it just a matter of tapping it out and I’ll get it done before we move onto the next theme.

Note: Fleecing is not a theme. It’s actions by the characters: “fleecing” and “being fleeced.”

The Illness Revelations are a historic moment in history. I’ve figured it out: I was given this inspiration, called into action just as Hamas attacked Israel, in order to be your faithful narrator, [INSERT YOUR NAME], during the things to come.

The world is opening up.

We’re headed for the final showdown.

We’re going to do t-shirts. Anyone who sends at least .25 BTC is going to get a free t-shirt that reads: “I was fleeced by the Supreme Leader of the Irish Race and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

Actually, because that sentence is too long to fit on the shirt, it’s going to read: “I was fleffefed by the suprem lear ohr the Irshi race, and alll I was was this louy r-ice.”

The design is finished. It’s ready to print.

I can’t promise a timeframe on the t-shirts, however.

The delivery has to be after the end of Jewish domination, because I’m going to need to have a bank account (or we’re going to need to be at a point when this can be done with crypto). Just send me a lot of Bitcoin, and then keep your hash, and someday one of three things will happen:

  • I will die,
  • You will die, or
  • I will give you the t-shirt.

So basically, you’re going to want this shirt for sure, and if you don’t get it, either you will be dead or mourning my death.

Be a part of this historic fleecing!

Basically, send an email to this address:


I will reply with nothing but a unique BTC address.

If you haven’t gotten a reply to the email you sent, worry not: I’m trying to automate it because the box is now filled with spam and gay porno. Whenever I post any contact information, I get spammed with gay porno.

Do not write me a letter. I’m not going to read anything at all. I don’t want to see the gay porno, so I am automating this.