Anti-American Traitor Charlie Kirk Hit Hard in Iowa! FLOODED with Uncomfortable Questions!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2019

The anti-American traitor and Israeli government agent Charlie Kirk simply cannot catch a break.

Everywhere he goes on his “Culture War” tour, people are asking him really uncomfortable questions about his strange and Jewish agenda.

They said “you can’t dirk the Kirk,” but this has been proven totally false.

Recently, the head of Turning Point USA been asked about immigration, about immigration again and about giving all of this money to Israel.

And the pain just keeps on coming.

In Iowa on Wednesday night, he was hit with a barrage of questions, in what might have been the best performance so far.

Best Yet Kirk Dirker

The trophy piece was the demographics question.

Twitter upload, for easy sharing: 

Official upload, for quality viewing (timestamped at 36:58): 

A member of the audience asked:

I am of the right and my biggest thing is … with immigration. I think that this is really why Trump got elected and I think at the heart of it, it goes to the DQ, the “demographics question.” And I think at the end of the day, you could debate about numbers, you could bring up GDP, but … could you give me an example of another nation where the native demographic has been replaced and put into a minority and the nation has retained its ethos, has retained its nation-state status?

Charlie’s answer was yet another bold smattering of tired, stupid cliches. Cliches which are destroying this country.

He said:

Blah blah blah

As to your question about the replacement of the natives, I’ll push back a little bit. And I’ll push back respectfully of course. Because that’s not what it means to be an American. And maybe you agree or not agree. I don’t believe inherent in what it means to be an American is a race, or an ethnicity, or a religion – I believe it’s a set of ideas, around the idea of E. Pluribus Unum and liberty and “in God we trust.”

Now, if people are coming into this country that are at odds with those ideas, that does not have anything to do with race or ethnicity, that’s ideology, two totally and completely different things. I will say this though … there has been an amazing track record for America in the sense that we have been able to show that people can come from all over the world and be able to basically get along the best possible way. We are the most diverse country in the world.

Blah blah blah

You can watch the video for the “blah blah blah,” but I don’t think it’s meaningful.

His insane claim that people are “basically getting along” in this multicultural utopia is contradicted by every conceivable statistical analysis. We are basically living in a completely alienating type of ultra-hell in this country.

The big question here is: if Charlie Kirk is aggressively pro-homosexual, and believes in mixing all of the races together into a multicultural soup – where not even religion holds them together – then what exactly is the difference between his agenda and the agenda of the liberals, the globalists, the Jews?

The answer is clearly: absolutely nothing substantive.

He keeps talking about “a nation of ideas,” but the whole thing remains vague and confusing.

And he keeps telling us that no other nation has existed that is based on these vague and confusing ideas, but that we are an experiment.

My question for you is: did you sign up to be part of an experiment? 

Because I did not.

I was born in a place with people who looked like me, who acted like me, who followed the same religion as me, who spoke my language, who shared an ancestry with me going back to the founding of the country.

That population of the place I grew up has now been almost entirely replaced with Mexicans and Somalians, and to some extent, Indians and Pakistanis.

Having been a victim of the bizarre experiment that Charlie Kirk is promoting, I can tell you that it is hellish. To go to the places where I played as a kid and see them dilapidated and destroyed, to be the only white person in the fast food joint, for everything about my home to have become alien to me – this does not bring me joy.

It brings me loathing, disgust and, if I’m to be frank, hatred.

And all of the data exists to show that more or less everyone who has their community destroyed as mine was feels the same way.

And that is Charlie Kirk’s plan for America – and he is telling you that destroying your country in this way is “conservative American values.”

The man is simply evil.

Runners Up

There were two other great Kirk Dirkers last night.

One lad asked Kirk about his agenda to send billions upon billions of dollars to the Jews.

That guy did well, but I can’t say I think invoking the Palestinians is the best plan of action at these events. You have to remember how uninformed and stupid the average normie is. The fact that the audience is there at all for any reason other than to confront the rat Kirk means they are uninformed and/or stupid, so let’s keep on script, okay?

It doesn’t really matter what you say though, if you just say “Israel” he goes full Talking Points Mode and starts talking about how we give them these billions because they enjoy gay sex.

Kirk also got dirked on his plan to release all of these violent criminals into our neighborhoods.

Finally, there was yet another question about demographics. The sleazy sonovabitch actually said “I try not to look at immigration in political terms,” which is basically saying “I try not to think about the real world consequences of the policies I promote.”

Overall, a really fantastic show at the Charlie Kirk Jerk Fest.

I look forward to this continuing.

Though I’m quite certain it won’t continue forever.

He is either going to stop taking questions or demand they be pre-screened.

If he gets into pre-screening, we will bypass.

The Dirking will continue.

We will bury you, Charlie.