Florida Mom Using Car Decal to Promote Her OnlyFans at Christian School

OnlyFans is the dream of all women.

All women want to be wanted by men, and they want the fact that men want them to result in material gain.

Whether or not women actually have a desire for sex or other intimacy with men is highly debatable. What they like is attention and money.

Right now, women are engaged in a concerted campaign to remove all stigma from engaging in OnlyFans, so they can do so freely, including at their children’s school.

New York Post:

A Florida mom of three has been banned from dropping off and picking up her young from a Florida Christian school because she advertises her lucrative OnlyFans account on an oversize car decal.

Michelle Cline, 35, told The Post she is now forced to walk her children across a busy street to get them to class — and that some parents want her family expelled from Liberty Christian Preparatory School in Tavares altogether.

I don’t think it’s right,” she said. “People are going to be offended by all sorts of things, different bumper stickers, whatever. But at the end of the day, this is something that supports my family.”

Cline, who previously worked in assisted living facilities and as a beautician, first launched the explicit venture — which clears up to $20,000 a month — roughly three years ago.

Does it clear $20,000 a month?

Because I have a hard time believing that.

“It’s only me and my husband,” she said. “No one else is brought in, male or female. We always were into cameras in our bedroom, so we said, ‘Hey, let’s make some money off of this.’”

Michelle Cline and her husband

To boost business, Cline — who goes by “Piper Fawn” online — placed a large decal on the back of her SUV emblazoned with her OnlyFans account address roughly two years ago.

Several parents began to take note of the sticker during pickup and drop-off at the religious school, and word began to spread about Cline’s vocation.

“There were whispers,” she said, noting that she has two children in the school — one in elementary and one in middle. “Kids would make jokes about it but nothing serious.”

It would be serious if I was at the school, or a parent at the school. I would be printing off the nudes and plastering them all over the lockers of the woman’s children.

A source told The Post that a student was expelled for looking up Cline’s page on his personal phone on school grounds last year.

Fellow parent Lexy Thomas — herself a TikTok parenting influencer with more than 220,000 followers — told The Post that school administrators have refused to address a slew of complaints about the decal.

This is all women do. They sell their bodies online. It’s the only job left.

Men, conversely, are forced to become right-wing podcast hosts.

Thomas argued that it promoted pornography on school grounds, and violated the school’s Christian-based code of conduct.

Another parent told The Post that she’s mystified by the school’s mild reaction to the OnlyFans promotion.

We have enough things to worry about as parents, enough damaging things we do our best to shield our kids from,” she said. “Now I have to look at it in the drop-off area and have my kids ask what this site is. At a Christian school.”

The fact it’s a “Christian school” is irrelevant.

As we’ve seen recently, Christian schools are just as deranged as public schools.

I suppose the fact that the school is private is relevant, as they are allowed to tell her not to park her car there.

It’s all so tiresome.