Bosnian Bodybuilder Livestreams Murder of Ex-Wife, Murder Spree While Being Chased by Cops

Bitches think it’s a game.

Then shit gets real.

New York Post:

A Bosnian bodybuilder live-streamed the brutal murder of his ex-wife on Instagram Friday — before going on a shooting rampage that ended with his suicide.

Nermin Sulejmanovic, 35, filmed at least three videos documenting the violent spree that left three innocent people dead and three more injured in the northeastern town of Gradacac.

The horror started Friday morning when Sulejmanovic posted a video on Instagram, telling his followers that they would witness a live execution.

He then turns the camera to his ex-wife, whose face is bloodied and disfigured from injuries, local outlet Telegraf reported.


That’s the face you make when “shit just got real.”

Look, when you’re dealing with a wh–e who reports you to the police,” he tells his viewers in the chilling clip, as a child can be heard crying in the background.

Officials later said some 12,000 people watched the slaying live.

Sulejmanovic then tells his followers that he is the child’s father and that his ex-wife had “hidden” the toddler from him for more than a week, and had reported him to the police for domestic violence.

Here, watch the murder live now, nice and easy … Are you watching?” Sulejmanovic says to the camera before callously firing a bullet into a woman’s forehead.

He then turns the camera to record the child lying on the floor: “Here, someone come and save the child. Moving on.”

The bodybuilder and fitness instructor then filmed at least two more live videos on the social media app while being pursued by the police, telling his viewers that he killed two others off-camera.

The pair was later identified as a man and his young son.

Sulejmanovic also wounded a police officer, another man and a woman at various locations throughout Gradacac while on the lam.

The father also had a criminal record, with past arrests on charges of drug smuggling and attacking a police officer.

According to local media, Sulejmanovic was a member of a drug gang when he was arrested in 2013 for selling marijuana and heroin.

At time of writing, 4chan has links to the video, if anyone wants to see it. I’m not gonna watch it, personally. But maybe I’m just getting old.

For the record, the guy is both on steroids and a Moslem.

I’m not going to blame any man for beating and murdering his wife who was a whore and presumably trying to steal his kids while she was going around having sex with other men. I don’t support it and I don’t endorse murder, but I really do understand why a man would do that.

But killing random people on the street?


I mean, if you were seriously going to go out in this manner, you would think you would find her boyfriend/boyfriends and get them, rather than random people. But yeah, I mean. Bosniacs.


At the very least, stories like this should be blasted all over the media, like “BITCH BETTER WATCH IT – SOME DUDES OUT THERE AIN’T PLAYING.”

Somehow, the media is focusing on “violence against women,” despite the fact that the bitch clearly deserved it and the guy also killed randos on the street who definitely did not deserve it.