Border Patrol Kills Evil Bandit Who Robbed Future Americans Near Border

The Border Patrol do nothing to stop the invasion, and in fact help the invading army enter into our country.

But they will kill people who they view as posing a risk to their precious invaders.

New York Post:

An accused bandit was shot and killed by US Border Patrol’s elite tactical unit in a remote area near the southern border after he allegedly stole from other migrants early Sunday morning, according to a report.

The suspect was fatally shot by a member of the highly-regarded Border Patrol Tactical Unit between Mexico and California, multiple sources told Fox News Digital.

The shooting happened after agents reached a section of the border near San Diego where there were reports of a small group of bandits robbing migrants who were trying to reach the United States to surrender and be processed, the outlet reported.

The one accused migrant bandit was shot while others fled back to Mexico. No agents were injured during the incident, Fox News reported.

Great work by the Border Patrol in protecting these people invading our country to drink our blood. Quick thinking on this act of brave justice.

The cops really are the first and last defense of our New Americans.

Remember to back the blue and support our cops and men in uniform, you worthless fat pieces of subhuman garbage.