Boeing Plane Veers Off Runway and Rolls Onto Grass

Daily Stormer is going to need to be renamed “Boeing Watch.”

The Guardian:

A United Airlines plane ran off the runway in Houston, Texas, on Friday, the latest incident in a week of safety issues for the airline, all involving Boeing planes, that included a tire falling off, a flaming engine and allegedly “stuck” controls.

The Boeing 737 Max 8, carrying 160 passengers and six crew, was landing at George Bush intercontinental airport on Friday morning when it “left the pavement and entered the grass” while exiting the runway for the gate, airport officials said in an interview.

In a separate statement, United Airlines said: “After landing, UA2477 exited the taxiway into a grassy area. Customers deplaned using air stairs and are being bused to the terminal.” It added that all passengers were safe.

On Thursday, a tire fell off a United Airlines plane seconds after it had taken off from San Francisco international airport. The tire, one of six on the left side main landing gear assembly, dropped into a staff parking lot, where it hit a car, broke the rear window, then tore through a fence and rolled to a halt.

The tire incident itself came less than a week after passengers on a United Airlines flight from Houston, Texas, to Fort Myers, Florida, saw orange flames bursting from one of the plane’s engines 20 minutes after takeoff. The Boeing 737-900 made a safe emergency landing at George Bush intercontinental airport.

The incident seems to be a compressor stall, which occurs when there’s a disruption of airflow in the engine prompting it to backfire, “but doesn’t mean the engine itself is on fire”, NBC News said.

On Thursday, the National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report into a 6 February incident in which pilots of a Boeing 737 Max 8 said the controls jammed as they tried to land. It said the pilots reported “‘stuck’ rudder pedals during the landing rollout”, according to CNN.

Boeing declined to answer questions, directing comment to United Airlines.

What the hell are these people doing???