Watch: Tire Falls Off Boeing 777 During Takeoff! WHAT?

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Wait, the tire fell off?

Bitch, what?

Why are they doing this???

Just apologize to the white men and bring them back!

You can send all those women and blacks you hired off to do busy work. Keeping them on the payroll is a waste of money, but not as big of a waste as letting them totally destroy your company.

New York Post:

A Japan-bound United Airlines flight was forced to divert to Los Angeles International Airport when the plane lost a tire after taking off in San Francisco Thursday, the airline confirmed.

The falling landing gear from United Flight 35 damaged several cars in the parking lot of San Francisco International Airport after the Boeing 777-20 took off around 11:30 a.m., according to the airline and airport officials.

Shocking footage shows the plane lose one of its six tires on the left side as it ascended into the air.

The Boeing 777-200 plane, which was heading to Osaka with 235 passengers, 10 flight attendants and four pilots on board, safely landed at LAX, United Airlines confirmed to The Post.

The tire debris landed in an employee parking lot at the San Francisco airport, “causing damage to several vehicles,” a rep told The Post.

Do you know how much a 777 tire weighs? I sure as hell don’t, but it must be a lot.


I just looked it up.

It weighs 260 lbs. That’s actually less than I would have guessed, but it’s heavy enough to kill multiple people if it falls out of the air into a parking lot.

That’s without mentioning that the plane needs wheels to land, and even with only one wheel missing, a disaster is possible.

Obviously, these jets were all built before the diversity shit, but Boeing does its own maintenance, at least in America.

And I’m not exaggerating about this “women and blacks” thing. Go read their diversity reports. They’re openly saying they’re trying to replace most of their staff with women and blacks.

Look at this:

Executives at Boeing have given speeches saying that diversity is their number one priority. That is to say, it is prioritized above wheels staying on 777s after takeoff.

This is lunacy.

Why is no one pushing for class action lawsuits for the passengers on these planes? I don’t remember ever signing a legal waiver before getting on a Boeing jet.

Oh, sorry – just looked it up. People have started suing.

But that’s not class action. I would think big firms would be trying to get every passenger on these planes that are experiencing all these disasters to sign up.

Boeing has a duty to keep these planes from falling apart in the air. They don’t actually have a duty to hire niggers as maintenance professionals.

People are going to stop getting on these planes. Everyone is already afraid of flying – a fear that was once totally irrational but now seems very reasonable.

How long is it going to be before one of these planes loses parts and can’t land? It doesn’t look like it’s going to be very long.