Boris Johnson Releases Horrendous Race-Mixing Ad Ahead of Brexit Vote!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2019

Holy hell. How are we still talking about Brexit? Hello, 2016 Department?

Business Insider:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has parodied the 2003 rom-com “Love Actually” in an ad asking people to vote Conservative in support of Brexit.

In Johnson’s remake of the iconic Christmas-carol scene, the British prime minister imitates the character Mark (Andrew Lincoln), holding up cards telling a woman in the scene — mimicking the film’s Juliet (Keira Knightly) — that her vote has never been more important.

“The other guy could win…” the card says. “So you have a choice to make between a working majority or another gridlocked hung parliament arguing about Brexit.”

The British prime minister then holds up cards claiming that if the impending December vote doesn’t result in a working Conservative majority, then Parliament will continue to argue about Brexit until he looks like an old dog.

“Enough, enough. Let’s get this done,” Johnson says at the end of the ad, before the message “Vote conservative actually” appears.

Boris isn’t a bad actor, actually.

It’s a shame that he’s some sort of Deep State agent because he really is the most likable figure in British politics as things stand now.

Overall, this was an ad designed to appeal to the demographic that has seen Love, Actually (homosexuals and wahmen) which, if you don’t know, is a movie set in an alternative timeline where Rick Grimes is a poon-slayer, not a zombie-hunter.

Anyways, I’m not sure how this particular ad is supposed to sell me on Brexit. In general, Brexit appears to be a myth on the same level as Santa Claus or the 6 million masturbatoriums. Once you grow up a bit, you stop believing that Brexit will happen or that such a thing was even voted on.

One other thing becomes absolutely crystal clear: Brexit won’t save the UK.

The true purpose of this ad released by the conservatives was plain for all to see:

The questions that no one dares to ask:

  • What is the point of railing at EU bureaucrats when your own elites are far worse/have diddled more children than anyone in Brussels ever has?
  • What is the point of stopping EU immigration when you’re already swamped with African machete gangs?
  • Why rail about supposed German tyranny when your own police force terrorized the native population?

Time to start deflecting and time to start addressing the real problems facing the UK.