Canada: Another Stupid Bitch Gets Called Out for Faking Being an Indian

Buffy Saint-Marie

Apparently, you get benefits from being an Indian.

I think some of these people might legitimately not know. People in my family used to make this claim, that there was some distant relative that was an Indian. They had some unclear black and white photo of a man they said had squinty eyes. I said, “firstly, you don’t even know that this is a relative and not just some guy, because you can’t identify him. Secondly, that looks like a white guy squinting, presumably because he has a hangover and he’s outside in the sun.”

I did a DNA test and I was so Irish they sent an AA pamphlet with the results.

By the way: DO NOT EVER TAKE A DNA TEST. Firstly, they will lie to you and say you’re 0.02% Asian, which is a margin of error. Secondly, they will start arresting your cousins for rapes and murders they got away with decades ago. The government is cataloging all of this data from these DNA companies (which are run by the Jews) and using it for their various purpose. I assume they’re attaching it to all of the digital data they have in their profile on you. Those profiles get used in their AI simulations to figure out how you will respond to situations.

I didn’t know all that when I took it. To be fair, the reason I didn’t know it is that it hadn’t happened yet, but honestly, it was predictable. I know if one of my cousins got away with a murder in the 1980s and got arrested for it because I took a DNA test, I would never forgive myself. I don’t support murder, but I support my family more than I oppose murder (maybe think about that one for a second; that is illness tier).

But really, I think some of these fake Indians don’t even know. People say this shit. It’s like, almost universal that Americans who have been here a while claim vague Indian ancestry.


Canada’s public broadcaster has published a bombshell investigation that calls into doubt the indigenous ancestry of Buffy Sainte-Marie.

The folk singer and activist, who rose to fame in the 1960s, has long claimed indigenous ancestry from Canada.

She has said she was adopted by a white American couple as a baby.

But a CBC investigation claims to have found a birth certificate they say suggests her adoptive parents are her biological parents.

In a response published ahead of the CBC story, Sainte-Marie called the allegations “hurtful”, adding: “I know who I am”.

Sainte-Marie has said previously that she found she may have been adopted from members of the Piapot First Nation in Saskatchewan during the 60s Scoop, which is a term used to describe how thousands of indigenous children in Canada were forcibly removed from their families during the middle of the last century.

She connected with members of the community as a young woman, and they adopted her as a young adult.

Ahead of the CBC investigation, members of the Piapot First Nation issued a statement of support, saying: “Buffy is our family”.

Shouldn’t that be the end of it then?

“I don’t know where I’m from or who my birth parents were, and I will never know,” Saint-Marie said in her statement. “Which is why to be questioned in this way today is painful, both for me, and for my two families I love so dearly.”

Sainte-Marie rose to popularity during the hippie movement and has been known for decades of indigenous advocacy. She won an Oscar in 1983 for co-writing “Up Where We Belong” for the film An Officer and a Gentleman and is considered to be the first indigenous Oscar winner.

“I am proud of my Indigenous-American identity, and the deep ties I have to Canada and my Piapot family,” she said in a statement on Thursday.

Her website says she “is believed to have been born in 1941 on the Piapot First Nation reserve in Saskatchewan…taken from her biological parents when she was an infant”.

“She was adopted by a visibly white couple and raised in Maine and Massachusetts,” the site reads. “As a child, Buffy’s adoptive mother self-identified as part Mi’kmaq but knew little about indigenous culture.”

Yeah, everyone does this. It’s incredibly common. People romanticize the Indians as noble savages, when in reality they were ignoble savages.

They were vicious, like wild animals. I’ve read books. I used to read a lot of paper books, and some of this stuff you can’t find online, and I don’t have the books anymore, and that is frankly very scary. But the Indians were vicious. Their torture practices were insane.

They just lived to fight and kill and commit various atrocities. They were violence incarnate. Which, actually now that I say it, sounds kind of awesome. But that’s not why people want to associate with it.

To be fair, there are different groups of Indians, and not all of them were so extreme with the bloodlust. Those ones in the Andes seem okay. And there were some less aggressive ones in North America. But on the whole – this was a very serious problem group, and it shouldn’t be romanticized.

I guess romanticizing it doesn’t really hurt anyone, since the Indians are no longer a player and just want to stay in their trailers and drink and beat their kids, living off of casino money.

Plus, Colors of the Wind is a banger.

I don’t have romantic feelings towards Indians, but that film is probably as responsible as anything for my crippling Asian fetishism. I don’t know why Disney was promoting all of these sexpots to little kids. Sexuality forms during puberty as a result of various information your brain gathers during childhood.

The underlying message of Disney’s Pocahontas is “Asians are for fucking.”


I can’t do the whole “the genetic differences between women and men are much bigger than the genetic differences between races and therefore it makes no sense that transsexualism is allowed and transracialism is banned” bit. I’ve done it too many times and it’s too obvious.

I’m still recovering from the first wave of Illness Revelations and preparing for the next, bro. I’ve gotta rest up, and this sort of tedious thing of breaking down the most obvious things ever tires me out.

We need revelations, not simply looking at things and describing them.

That really is my main job: “observe and describe what you see.” They will punish you for doing this.