Illness Revelations: AI Week Blitz Postponed, Pivoting to Filler, Very Personal Outrage About the Age of Consent

Well, it’s Tuesday and the AI Week BLITZ has not manifested, so it must be postponed until next week.

In fact, I have to do some things in so-called “real life,” and therefore much of the material between tomorrow and the following Monday might be filler.

I think it’s good to have breaks in the Revelations, so you can consider them, and I can examine them.

That said, I have like probably 20 separate drafts of articles, and dozens of pages of notes for illness-oriented content, so it’s possible I will drop in some of it during the downtime. But there is going to need to be an AI Week, where we go through all of the implications of the robots, which I have figured out. In fact, I’ve been sent these revelations in a vision, but I can’t say that, or, you know. You know what will happen.

Maybe now is the time to focus further on an issue that is very important to me personally: abolishing the age of consent and legalizing child marriage.

Whatever the topics, however, I declare that the Revelations will not cease, and are in fact going to get much better and more interesting, with even edgier jokes.

You’re going to need a pair of gloves to scroll your phone, or you’re gonna cut up your fingers, this is gonna be so edgy.

There is no stopping this machine of truth.

Reverend Anglin seen reading the Bible to his first two followers and a boy who wandered into the forest after tennis practice

But yeah, I just wanted to apologize to the people who came for the AI Week Blitz, because it’s postponed temporarily.

Way Weirder Shit

This is all about to get way, way weirder.

You thought the opening was weird? With an 8,000-word essay (part 1, part 2), which was a garbled mess combining a bunch of seemingly unrelated concepts and then smugly claiming these parts made a whole?

Well, buckle up.

This is about to get heavy weird.

In fact, we’re listening to Om.

You’d probably best start listening to that now, to prepare yourself for what is coming down the pipe like a depleted uranium round about to pop off your head and pollute the ground upon which you tread for thousands of years.

You think the Illness Revelations are in full swing? This is just the beginning of the prologue. I still have 4 weeks to live (or four months or whatever it is; I will have to check the papers from the hospital), and during that period, this is only going to keep getting worse – weirder, more extreme, saying “nigger” more times, causing you to question the very core of your fabricated identity based on your doomed flesh and forcing you to confront the infinity that exists beyond the veil, a creeping but warm feeling that I am not talking simply to millions of disaffected men, but that I am actually not joking when I say I am speaking to you, personally, as an individual, etc.

Basically, we are talking about the ultimate nightmare reality coming to life, right here on this web page, as I pull back the veil and tape open your eyes and force you to look into the Great Beyond until you are cleansed of all illusions, left screaming, naked, and alone, with only the love of God to hold you, as it was when you emerged screaming from your mother’s womb.

For this is the Quest.

The Revelations must not end until the Golden Path to completing the Quest has been fully revealed.

You should have known it would come to this, [INSERT YOUR NAME], my dearest brother.

It was always going to come to this.