Chicago Airport Still Housing About 500 Migrants

Previously: Chicago Housing Hundreds of Migrants at Busy Airport Behind Black Curtains

What’s next?

Are they going to start storing migrants under the tables at Hooters?

New York Post:

Hundreds of migrants have been living in a terminal at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport — some for weeks — as the Second City struggles to keep pace with the flood of asylum seekers flowing into the city.

About 500 migrants — from babies to the elderly — have been housed behind a heavy black curtain in a shuttle-bus terminal at the busy airport as Chicago officials scramble to set up tent cities to accommodate more than 14,000 asylum seekers flown in over the past year.

The migrants sleep on cardboard pads on the floor, share public bathrooms and occasionally slip out from behind the curtain, dozing just feet from passing travelers — with a private company hired to keep tabs on them.

“It was supposed to be a stop-and-go place,” said Vianney Marzullo, a volunteer at the airport. “It’s very concerning. It is not just a safety matter but a public-health matter.”

Vianney Marzullo

Much like New York and other Democratic “Sanctuary Cities” that deal with migrants more leniently, Chicago has struggled to keep pace with the influx of asylum seekers, slowly moving people out of temporary spaces and into shelters and, in the near future, tents.

But the city’s use of the bustling transportation hub as a makeshift shelter is unusual, with other overburdened cities rejecting the idea as haphazard and potentially unsafe for everyone involved.

Some of the airport migrants spend weeks at the O’Hare terminal until being moved to police stations, sheriff’s offices or to a shelter when a rare slot opens up.

In the meantime, they are packed into a space smaller than a city block.

It’s hard not to laugh.