Children’s Group Says That Baby-Killer Rat Jews Have Already Killed At Least 2,000 Kids

tfw Jews come for you

The number is presumably a lot higher than this in real life.

Just look at what’s happening.

These people are talking about bombings, but there is no water. You can’t live without water. You can live a good significant time without food, but not without water.


At least 2,000 children have died in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza over the past 17 days, UK-based aid group Save the Children has said.

The charity cited figures from the Hamas-operated Health Ministry in Gaza, which stated on Monday that at least 5,087 people have been killed in Israel’s siege of the enclave, including at least 2,055 children.

Thousands of homes, and dozens of playgrounds, schools, hospitals, churches and mosques have been damaged or destroyed in Gaza,” Save the Children said. “At least 4,600 children [have been] injured as reported by the [Gaza] Ministry of Health – some with excruciating burns, lost limbs and other horrific blast injuries.”

It claimed that Israeli airstrikes are “killing and injuring children indiscriminately.”

It’s worth thinking about how the boys that survive are going to feel about things in 10 years when they’re young men.

Interesting thought, huh?

Do you think they’re going to have a lot of respect for “Israeli civilians”?

Or do you think they’ll feel pretty comfortable just killing any random Jew they see?

If the Jews did this to you when you were a little kid, and you somehow survived, when you were 20, how would you feel about, say, burning Jewish children alive in a Jew school?

This is called “the cycle of violence,” and it was started by the Jews in the 1940s. Jews have always had exactly zero respect for Palestinian women, children, and old people. They kill them on a wild, massive scale. What’s going on in Gaza right now is just a more extreme version of what Jews have been doing to Palestinians for the better part of a century.

That’s why that screeching over “dead Israeli civilians” made me so frustrated and outraged. There are no “civilians,” Jews. That was YOUR CHOICE. You made that decision. Hamas did not make that decision.

Here’s the thing – wait, wait – I’ve got a thing

War is always going to be a type of “tit-for-tat.”

This is always a rule.

As brutal as World War II was, no one used mustard gas, because both sides knew that if they used mustard gas, the other side would use mustard gas, and nobody wanted to get mustard gassed.

The Jews had the option, this whole time, of only targeting soldiers – or at least only targeting adult men between the ages of 15 and 55, who could potentially be fighters. They have never operated that way. They have always killed women, children, and old people on a massive, industrial scale.

I immediately knew that “40 decapitated babies” was a hoax, because that is just too stupid. It would never happen, ever, under any circumstances. And it’s exactly like the Jewish claims about the Nazis, where the Germans would drown babies in buckets, or throw two babies in the air at once and shoot them with one bullet. It’s also exactly like the 1990 claims (that were organized by Jews) that Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait went to the hospital and started throwing babies out of incubators and smashing their heads on the ground.

The bitch was literally an actress, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador. The hearing was organized by – the man you see in that video there – Tom Lantos, a Jewish “Holocaust survivor” Congressman. No shit. He was the only “Holocaust survivor” in Congress.

So, anytime you hear shit about people killing babies up close, it’s bullshit. (Israel kills a lot of babies, but they do it with bombs and starvation.)

Anyway, if, somehow, in some universe, the mass Jew baby decapitation had happened, the answer would be: so what? What’s your point?

Because there are no civilians.

I don’t even think the Jews would kill babies up close (well, some of them I’m sure would, but a group of 20-something soldiers wouldn’t all of a sudden decide to do mass baby decapitation – pushing a button and dropping a bomb where you know there could be a baby is a lot different than decapitating a baby), but the Jews have killed huge numbers of babies with bombs. And not just legitimate collateral damage. The Jews have constantly targeted civilians.

The Jews have developed the ability to purposefully, indiscriminately target civilians by claiming that “Hamas mixes in with the population,” and therefore everything is a Hamas base.

In terms of the reality of that – Hamas does fire rockets from civilian areas – part of that is just a reality of the density of Gaza City – but not buildings with civilians in them. That claim has never been proved. Even if it had been proved, Israel uses this narrative to purposefully target civilians. That is a fact: Israel purposefully targets women, children, and old people as part of an official state terror program against Palestinians.


I don’t want to see Jew women getting killed at a music festival, or Jew family homes burned down while families are in them. You might think I want to see that, but I can say genuinely that I don’t.

However, on an intellectual level, I can say that these actions are, 100%, morally justified.

This is the way war works. It is totally outside of normal morality. Obviously, there is no other context where you are allowed to kill anyone (save trial and execution for crimes). In war, you are allowed to kill other people. So that alone proves the point that war exists on a whole other plane of human reality.

There’s nothing really pleasant about war. It’s sometimes fun to see on video. But you don’t want to be in one. (I’m sure when you’re 18, there’s an excitement factor – I almost went. But that’s very limited parameters.)

But this tit-for-tat rule is real. You have to respond with the same tactics you are attacked with. Imagine if, in World War II, Germany busted out the mustard gas, and the Allies said “oh we can’t do that – it’s immoral.” I wish that had happened, because Hitler would have won, but it never would have happened.

Israel made the decision to put children and families in the war zone by doing the indiscriminate targeting of families for decades.

Hamas responded by killing Jewish civilians.

Now, Israel has responded to their response with the wholesale slaughter of children and families on a scale no one has ever witnessed before.

Because of that, the Islamic world now has moral justification, by wartime rules, to more or less completely exterminate the global Jewish population. At least, until the Jews surrender, Moslems have a moral right to simply slaughter the Jews, wholesale, because that is what Jews are doing to them.

Everything is on the table because Jews made the conscious decision to put everything on the table.

Thems the rules of war.