China is Much Freer Than the United States

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2019

There are people who are claiming that the US is a freer country than China, and so has a moral duty to attack China until it becomes a more free country. This argument is being used not only by Jews at the New York Times and CNN, but also by the likes of Paul Joseph Watson and Joey Gibson, Jewish shills who claim to be “independent.”

Firstly, the premise that freedom has a duty to infect and destabilize foreign countries based on an absolute moral principle is in itself completely bizarre and seemingly based on nothing. Even if freedom were an absolute moral good – which is something that can certainly never be proven – claiming a moral right to infringe on the sovereignty of other nations in order to promote moral goodness among their population is extreme and dangerous.

Much more importantly and much more obviously, the US is less free than China, by a massive margin. China is not the most free country on earth, but the US is one of the least free, due to rampant corruption and endemic gangsterism.

Freedom of Speech

It’s hard to say what people mean when they talk about “freedom” in the vague sense of “democracy and human rights,” and that is on purpose. But a solid and objective measure of freedom is the measurement of freedom of speech, and this value is much, much greater in China than it is in America, despite bizarro Orwellian claims of the opposite by the lying Jewish press.

In China, you are compelled not to question:

  • The Chinese Communist Party

In America, you are compelled not to question:

  • The intrinsic goodness of the Jews
  • The innocence of black people
  • Infinite amounts of nonwhite immigrants flooding into your country
  • Your entire neighborhood being replaced with aliens
  • Men who masturbate into each other’s anuses
  • The precise number of Jews that died during World War II
  • The moral superiority of women
  • The superior job performance of women
  • A woman’s fundamental right to murder her own children
  • Children being injected with sex hormones
  • Boys having their penises surgically removed

Secondly, the punishment for questioning things is much less severe in China than it is in America. In the latter nation, punishment for speech deemed incorrect is unreasonable and actually insane.

Ways you will be punished for speech in China:

  • The government will bring you into court and charge you with specific crimes, telling you exactly what you did wrong and what you are being punished for. You will be permitted to argue your defense.

Ways you will be punished for speech in America:

  • Private monopolies will collude to shut down all outlets of publishing on the internet, all financial services and your basic ability to buy and sell.
  • Corporations will fire you and collude with one another to prevent you from being rehired (permanent unemployment as punishment for speech).
  • You will be sued by billionaire Jewish legal firms with unlimited money for reasons that make no sense but which would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight. You will be ordered by a court to pay millions of dollars to Jews (indentured servitude as punishment for speech).
  • Domestic terrorists will be sent out on the street to attack you, with the blessing of the federal government. If you defend yourself against them, you will be charged with assault or various other charges.
  • If your car is attacked by a mob of government-endorsed terrorists, and you crash your car, you will be charged with murder and sentenced to hundreds of years in prison based on your beliefs and jokes you made.

Of course, you could try to look at other measures of freedom, but none are going to be as clear as speech. Furthermore, no freedom is as fundamental as speech. And when you look at speech, you come to the absolute and undeniable conclusion that China is a much, much freer country than the United States of America.

So then: even if you believe in the bizarre concept that it is a free nation’s duty to incite violent uprisings in countries that are less free, then it should be the Chinese who are obligated to start uprisings in the United States. Not the other way around.