Chinese Terror Balloons Terrorizing Taiwan

Of course, after Tucker Carlson’s attempt to pivot away from war in Russia and towards war with the Chinese, all of a sudden the balloons are back.


Taiwan’s defence ministry said on Sunday it had detected eight Chinese balloons crossing the Taiwan Strait in the previous 24 hours, of which five flew across Taiwan, the second day in a row is has reported a large number of balloons.

Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory despite the strong objections of the government in Taipei, has complained since December about the balloons, saying they are a threat to aviation safety and attempt at psychological warfare.

In its daily report on Chinese military activities, Taiwan’s defence ministry said it spotted the first balloon on Saturday morning and the last one mid-afternoon, having spotted the same number of balloons on Friday.

Five crossed the northern and central part of Taiwan, according to a map provided by the ministry.

Last month, China’s government dismissed repeated complaints by Taiwan about the balloons, saying they are for meteorological purposes and should not be hyped up for political reasons.

No one who believes in these balloons should be allowed to vote.

In fact, people who believe in these balloons should be forced to work in the mines until they die.