Convicting the Jew

Clement Pulaski and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2013

This is not a game.
This is not a game.

The recent debate about certain details of 9-11 has once again raised the ongoing question of what topics the pro-white movement should openly discuss.  Some argue that because our movement is supposed to uncover the truth, we should allow the open discussion of all opinions, even opinions that seem ridiculous or far-fetched to the general public (such as there being no real planes on 9-11, all the video footage having been faked).  Others argue that our message should be more tightly controlled and avoid speculation about far-fetched conspiracy theories, either because these theories are obviously untrue or because they might alienate otherwise sympathetic individuals.  We certainly fall into the second group, and we hope to argue in favor of this position by using the analogy of a court of law.

Consider a public prosecutor whose goal is to convict a notorious mob boss.  The mob boss is obviously guilty of many crimes, and likely guilty of many more that the prosecutor has not yet discovered.  However, the mob boss has covered his tracks very well, employing all manner of deception to hide his crimes.  The full details of his deeds may never be known.  Facing this situation, the prosecutor will not try to convict the criminal on every single count.  Instead, he will attempt to find the one charge that can stick, the one crime where he is sure to get a conviction.  Trying to convict the criminal of every single crime he has committed (including those for which the evidence is inconclusive) will only cause confusion.  We must take the same approach in our movement.  Our goal is to turn the American public against the Jew, to convict the Jew in the court of public opinion.

Our public message should be tailored to achieve this goal. We do not need to argue in favor of secret Jewish organizations pulling the strings, when several Jewish organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL operate openly.  We do not need to argue in favor of the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, when we can point to the Communist Manifesto and the documented Jewish support of communism.  Recognizing the influence and the anti-white attitude of the ADL is enough to turn an individual against the Jews, while arguing in favor of a secret Jewish organization (whose existence is unverifiable) is enough to alienate prospective converts.  The only important thing right now is turning as many white folks as possible against the Jew.  The extent of Jewish power is a difficult enough truth already, and we need to make this truth as easy to understand as possible.  Specific plots are much more difficult to prove than persistent behavior, which is why it is better to focus on biological and psychological Jewish traits.

Although we began by discussing the question of far-fetched conspiracy theories and psy-ops, pushing such ideas is merely one aspect of a larger problem that our movement faces: our inability to promote a consistent message.

In the absence of any real authority, everyone involved in our movement acts as his own leader.  This problem of a lack of leadership is compounded by the rise of blogging.  While the Internet is undoubtedly helpful for us, it has led to many individuals mixing their hobby interests and personal life with their activism, which further confuses our message (complaining about your ex-wife should have no place in political discourse).  Bloggers and commenters argue endlessly about what the “true cause” of our problem is, assuming that the Jews are only a symptom of our decline.  Some argue that the true cause of our problem is Christianity, or the Enlightenment, or the Reformation, or that the founding principles of America are to blame, or that Aryans are genetically predisposed to being too compassionate, etc.

From the perspective of trying to spread a mass message, the problem with all of these explanations is that they:

a) cause unnecessary division, and

b) they end up putting the blame on US.

It is very hard to spread a popular political message based on the idea that your ancestors were utter fools or genetically inclined to foolish behavior. All great right-wing political movements have appealed to the virtue and wisdom of the ancestors.  Therefore, we stress that our movement needs to have a positive view on all of traditional Western Civilization.  Traditional Western Civilization is NOT the problem.  That is our inspiration.  The problem is an alien race (the Jews) and their alien ideologies, which are contrary to the traditional West.  Aryan blood, Greco-Roman culture, the Christian Faith – these are some of the main things that defined our identity when we conquered the world, and these are the things that must be preserved. Saying that any of these things are the cause of our problem deflects blame from the Jew and makes his conviction in the court of public opinion more difficult. It is not necessary to argue that everything about the traditional West was perfect, but we need to send a clear message that without the Jews our problems would be solved.

You are Either with Us or Against Us

It is time to make a clear distinction between propaganda which serves to further our collective purpose, and that which serves only the ego of the individual.  Though it is important that our movement be as inclusive as possible, appealing to different types of individuals, we must never allow personal eccentricities to compromise our core message.  If an individual is promoting ideas which weaken the integrity of the larger presentation, they need to be called out on it, and asked to change.  If they choose to continue on with clearly detrimental behavior, they need to be shunned.

Our goal is total revolution, a replacement of the modern society with something entirely new.  In order to achieve this, the sentiment of the public must be turned against the Jew, and thus doing this effectively needs to be the focal point of collective message.

This is not about individuals.  This is about us.

We are in a war for our very survival.

This is not a game.

Hail Victory.