Cops Find Two Severed Heads in a Long Island Park

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The authorities are going to cover it all up (of course), but this new phenomenon of body parts showing up everywhere in New York is almost certainly linked to the influx of hundreds of thousands of criminals from Central and South America.

Dismemberment is a big part of the way Latin American gangs roll. Blacks don’t do this, and obviously no one else does either.

New York Post:

Cops stumbled on two severed heads in a Long Island park hours after other body parts were found nearby — and are now probing whether the ruthless MS-13 gang is responsible, police and sources said Friday.

One of the heads, as well as a right arm and leg, are believed to belong to the same female victim, while the other head and two arms appear to be from the same man, law-enforcement sources said of the grisly finds in and around Southards Park in Babylon, Suffolk County.

The man’s left arm, at least, still had its tattoos on it but not its fingertips — which “could mean the victim has a record and [that the perpetrators] don’t want him identified [through prints] because [that] could lead investigators to his killer,’’ a source said.

I can’t totally tell from this picture, but those look like Latin type tattoos.

These were brutal, vicious murders. MS 13 has been known to hack up bodies with machetes,” the source said of why authorities are eying the ruthless Central American-based gang.

“The bodies were also found near where the gang has committed other crimes,” the source said. “The medical examiner will determine how and what they were cut up with.”

I think it’s gonna be really funny when these gangs establish themselves and basically start running New York. It’s probably going to happen pretty quick.