Long Island Kids Find Disembodied Arm While Walking to School

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What a wonderful time to be alive, living in the greatest utopia – the peak of human existence!

New York Post:

A girl walking to school with a group of pals stumbled upon a severed arm on Long Island Thursday morning — leading to a police search that uncovered more body parts nearby, according to officials.

The gruesome discovery was made at 8:41 a.m. off a road on Siegal Boulevard in Babylon near Southards Park, according to Suffolk County Police.

Later in the day, a police dog sweeping a wooded area in Southards Park discovered a disembodied leg “sticking out of a pile of leaves” on Graham Place between Beverly Road and Martin Place, about a mile away from the first find, according to officials.

The cadaver dog then found a right severed arm “about 20 feet further into the woods from where the left arm [was found], almost in a direct line,” Beyrer said.

Authorities said the human remains had not been there long.

The gender has yet to be determined.

The Venezuelans are organizing a gigantic criminal structure in New York. They’re going to start working with MS-13.

You’re going to see a lot of body parts.

It’s going to be hilarious.