Coronavirus Back with a Vengeance After Mysterious Absence, More Boosters Coming

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Great news, my stupid goyim animals!

The virus is back for real this time (very real) – and that means you are going to get more of these magic injections!


New York Post:

In May, the COVID-19 emergency was officially declared over — but the coronavirus is still a significant concern, according to a some in the medical community.

The latest data from the New York state Department of Health, released Aug. 2, shows that COVID cases spiked by 55% since the prior week, with an average of 824 reported cases per day across the state.

And hospital admissions for the disease increased by 22% compared to the previous week, which translates to more than 100 admissions a day.

Meanwhile, a new variant — dubbed EG.5, or eris — has arisen as the dominant strain, causing about 17% of COVID cases nationwide, according to a new alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As new variants continue to appear, health experts are concerned that we’re not prepared — especially for a worst-case scenario.

The most frightening thing is if the virus was more deadly,” Anna Bershteyn, assistant professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU’s medical school, told The Post.

That’s really scary,” Bershteyn added, “if a virus had the transmissibility of COVID and was as deadly as the MERS coronavirus,” referring to Middle East respiratory syndrome, a disease with a fatality rate of over 30%.

However, Dr. Ashwin Vasan, the NYC health commissioner, has said “the good news is that we’re not seeing anything in the virus that suggests it’s getting more transmissible or more lethal. What this really is, is just waning immunity … This is part of living with COVID and these fluctuations are to be expected.”

NYC health commissioner Vasan and other public health experts are encouraging people to get the updated booster shot when it becomes available.

We’re gonna have a new booster coming online in September or early October, per the CDC, and that’s gonna be updated to match the current variants, and it’ll give us protection going into the winter and fall season,” Vasan said.

They’re not really pushing this hard yet.

I think this latest news bit is intended to test the waters.

A lot of people really enjoyed the coronavirus hoax, you know?

People might be excited to return to it.