Daily Stormer Report: Month Six

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2014

Death or Victory: For our Father in Heaven and for our Mother Europa, we fight.
Death or Victory: For our Father in Heaven and for our Mother Europa, we fight.

Well, here we are.  Half a year in, and pressing forward in a brutally extreme fashion.

We’ll start on an up-note, then continue to various other up-notes.

Here is today’s ranking on Alexa.

January 4, 2014.
January 4, 2014.

Russell James posted an article on his blog The Foremost Problem which placed us at #5 on a list of the top pro-White websites.  We should be moving up to the #2 spot in the near future, though unless I put up that forum I keep talking about putting up (but am loath to actually do), then it isn’t likely that we’ll surpass Stormfront for a bit.

The List.
The List.

Note that though I am proud of our achievements, I do not post these numbers to brag, but merely to show that the ideas we are promoting here are intensely popular.  The fact that we have very quickly surpassed people who have been doing activism for decades proves that we are doing something correct.

People are not interested to hear about “Zionists” or “liberals” – people want to hear about Jews and their Jew racial agenda.  They don’t want to hear about how “oh, woe woe woe, the poor blacks and immigrants are victims of the system, being turned against us for the purposes of divide and conquer” – they want to hear that these people are a clear and present danger that needs to be dealt with by any means necessary.

We here at the Daily Stormer do not tip-toe or play games, we do not try and make issues more complicated than they actually are so that we can dance around and feel really smart.  The bottom line is that we are being destroyed by Jews.

We intend to be the voice of the people, and our numbers prove that the will of the people is represented on our site.

The people are not interested in games and gibberish.  The people want the truth, and want to see the truth stand on its own merit.

Interview with Carolyn Yeager

An artist’s rendition of Carolyn Yeager.

Today, just before I began writing this, I did an interview with Carolyn Yeager, which, despite covering a whole lot of different topics, was right on target.

The show can be summarized as a year-end wrap-up, reflecting on the events of 2013, and looking forward to 2014.

That is over here.

Hater’s Keep on Hating

Here’s a recent threatening comment:

IP Address:
IP Address:

He posted my father’s email address in the email box, proving that he has an uncanny capacity to use Google to find names of people.

Scary stuff.

When are you faggots going to come get me?  Been waiting around for months.

Make a move.

Ben’s Race War Video

Comrade Ben has put together an excellent race war video, which really should have been spread around more than it has been.

Post it where you post things.  It is very powerful.


There has been a lot of drama going down over the last weeks.  I don’t want anything to do with any of it.  I think that when people choose to engage in drama, they are showing their own flaws, rather than the flaws of those they attack.

Daily Stormer is a drama-free site.  Unless it is, of course, drama with my avowed enemies, such as Sheik Bin Mark Glenn.

Sheikdown artist Mark Glenn needs your support in order to help bring more Muslims to Europe and America to rape White women and fight the Jews somehow.

Mark Glenn is an enemy because of what he promotes, which is the destruction of the White race via mass immigration.

As far as those within the pro-White community, I don’t have any interest in childish nonsense.  I am a grown man, and have been for a decade and a half now.

I will support those who are responsible and adult-like and promote a positive pro-White message that I can get along with, and those that do not I will ignore for the time being, and hope that they come around to more reasonable positions and behavior patterns.

This sort of business was discussed in some detail in the above linked show with Carolyn.

How to Use an Avatar on Daily Stormer

Example: Having an avatar looks better than not having one.
Example: Having an avatar looks better than not having one.

Been getting a lot of comments and emails asking how to make an avatar shows up next to your comments instead of that random colored block thingie.

We are using something called “Gravatar,” which stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar.”

What you do is go to this site:


and input your info.  The avatar will then be linked to your email address, so that when you put the email address that it is linked to in the email box on Daily Stormer, your avatar will show up.

All regular commenters should probably get on that.  Unless you don’t care, then don’t worry about it.

Donations are Appreciated

Hotel-swastikaAs usual, I must ask those who both appreciate the site and have funds available to support this endeavor.

As always, if you don’t have the funds, don’t stress; I am never going to restrict content simply because I need money.

Your donations make the work I do possible.

You can push this PayPal button:

donate-with-paypal(There is also one in the top right of the site, under the banner.)

Or if you don’t like PayPal, you can send cash and whatever else (money orders, pre-paid cards, etc.) here:

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My Favorites This Month

I’m not going to do a top ten this month, I just did a top ten in my first annual year end spectacular.

Instead, I’m just going to post links to some of this month’s articles which I view to be important, in no particular order.

And I could surely add more to that list.

There is so much good stuff on this website, it is astonishing.

All My Thanks Go to My People

I want to thank you all.  You are fantastic.

I also want to give a special thanks to those who have joined me in this endeavor, assisting on a most regular basis: Ben Garland, Clement Pulaski and Sven Longshanks.

Sven, in particular, deserves special recognition, as much of his labor goes unseen, working as he is on finding and reposting articles.

He also contributes his own work, which you can see in its entirety here.

That’s All I’ve Got

That’s it for this month’s report.

Half a year now.

Jolly Good.


Hail Victory.

Andrew Anglin
January 4, 2014