Deepfake Tom Cruise Video with More Than 11 Million Views Proves You Cannot Trust Video

A creepy video of a fake Tom Cruise made with “deep fake” technology has gone viral. It is truly incredible, and has satanic undertones. Fake Cruise says “if you like this, wait til what comes next.” This seems to be a slogan for our time.

Every video that strikes you as not looking quite right, from Julian Assange interviews, to Joe Biden, could be generated now using technology that already exists in the public domain.

The media doesn’t seem to know who the actor playing him is, but the videos first appeared on TikTok. The media says that whoever made it is using Faceswap, which is open sores deep fakes software.

People cannot trust video and audio anymore.

The government is currently trying to regulate this technology.

The overlords want a monopoly on the ability to generate reality through video. Any attempt at trying to ban the average person from using this technology is an attempt at keeping this tool available only to the elite.

If everyone can produce deepfakes, people will stop believing in video and start questioning whether what they’re seeing through a screen is real or not.

It would be very easy for Joe Biden to actually be dead or incapacitated, and for the government to continue releasing statements from him. That applies to any other leader.

Obviously, there is also voice changing technology, so this means that people you know can call you and be someone else.

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