Ohio: Chief Coontown Denies Cop’s Plea to Buy Beloved K-9 Partner for $10,000

Just give him his dog, Coontown!

Why should he even have to pay anything, let alone $10,000 – which, by the way, not even a freshly trained dog is worth. Actually, that is probably exactly what they are worth, but this is not a freshly trained dog.

A white guy would give him the dog.

This whole thing of “all police departments have to be run by black people” might seem good in theory, but – wait, why would that seem good in theory?

New York Post:

A former K-9 officer is fighting tooth and nail to retire his longtime partner and formally fold him into his family — but an Ohio city is standing in the way.

Officer Chad Hagan claims the city of Shaker Heights rebuffed his offer of $10,000 to take canine Igor with him when he leaves the department purely out of spite, knowing that the separation would be devastating for both.

The pair have worked together for more than five years, during which time they have formed an unbreakable, familial bond.

He’s been with us through our first home, our forever home, marriage, having a baby. Been with us through everything,” Hagan’s wife, Danielle, told Cleveland19.

We’re his only family that he knows.”

The heartbreaking saga began in September when Hagan told his superiors out of respect that he would be looking for job opportunities to move closer to his family, a decision the chief reportedly applauded.

Although Hagan had no job opportunities at the time, Chief Wayne Hudson decided to rip the German shepherd apart from his longtime handler so the K-9 could acclimate to a new officer, according to an online petition.

Chief Wayne Hudson, who goes by the names “Coontown” and “Bluegum Huddy” 

When Hagan pressed to adopt Igor instead, Hudson allegedly insinuated that he would approve the offer if the pair continued to work in Shaker Heights for another two years.

The desperate handler argued the beloved 6-and-a-half-year-old pooch was nearing retirement and offered to buy him for $10,000 — when the usual price for buying a retired K-9 is $1 — but was briskly shot down.

Igor is a six-year-old German Shepard and, if his health remains strong, he is expected to be fit for duty, keeping the residents of Shaker Heights safe, for another three or four years. He shows no signs of slowing down,” the city told Ceveland19 in a statement.

Three years max.

Just give the man his dog, Bluegum!

We need to start putting out fliers that Bluegum Huddy supports Israel and is making large donations to the IDF.