Donald Trump Calls on People of Iraq to Rise Up Against Iranian Oppression!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

Donald Trump is deebly goncerned about the situation in Iraq and the growing menace of Iran! Glad to know that he’s monitoring the situation over there very closely.

There was a US embassy storming that we reported on earlier today. Both the recent guerrilla attack on mercs and the embassy storming are being used as a pretext for preparing the justification for war against Iran. We don’t even know what the story behind the embassy even was.

Did Iran really send Hezbollah to storm the compound?

Like, really? 


President Donald Trump on Tuesday blamed Iran for a breach of the U.S. embassy compound in Baghdad, asserting that the Islamic Republic “will be held fully responsible” for the siege on the heavily guarded American facility.

The words of warning from the president came after U.S. forces launched a series of airstrikes over the weekend targeting an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia, which the administration claims perpetrated a rocket barrage that killed an American defense contractor at a military compound in northern Iraq.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have continued to play out in Iraq this week, reaching a boiling point in Baghdad on Tuesday as dozens of Iraqi Shiite militiamen and their supporters broke into the American embassy compound.

Trump went a step further and called for the people of Iraq to rise up against Iran.

If Iraq is being dominated by Iran, whose fault is that, exactly? Didn’t the US invade and depose the secular, competent Arab leader of Iraq and then personally hand-pick the government? If Iraq suddenly fell under the sway of Iran, who is to blame here really?

And you know who really is groaning under the boot of foreign occupation? The American people. In particular, Aryan Gamers – citizens of the suppressed Republic of Gamers in these occupied states of America.

Donald Trump, I am calling on you to let my people GO!

Let them be free from the chains of Jewish oppression that have robbed them of a future and of a decent internet connection by internet provider monopolies.

Gamers are tired of not having jobs and the ones that do are tired of being bossed around by psychopathic Boomers who play the same 6 songs on loop all day.

We hate the niggers that your son-in-law Jared the Jew is flooding the country with and we really hate that Big Tech is taking away our right to vent steam because the Jews don’t enjoy our sense of humor.

When are you going to call for the Gamers to rise up against their government, Blumpf?

Have you forgotten? You were supposed to be /ourguy/, but instead you are out there on the last day of 2019 tweeting about the most irrelevant last decade shit. Like, really. Have you no shame? We’re past that now. We at the dawn of a new decade and shilling for Israel’s wars is pretty cringe and gay. It belongs in the past, like bell-bottom jeans and the AIDS scare.


Happy New Year, fam!

I think that we can safely conclude that the last 10 years were pretty garbage overall. Lots of oppreshun of my kings going on by POCs and wahmen.

In fact, most people would rather forget that the 10-20 decade even existed. But this is nothing new; the beginning of a new century is always a strange and turbulent time:

But let’s focus on the positive here. Let me tell you this much right now: we are all going to get girlfriends in 2020 and there’s nothing that the hoes can do to stop us!

Das right, I’m calling it now: the 20s are our decade!

Now sure, it’s going to go full Weimerica out there, but we’re going to rise above it all eventually and finally put a Gamer in the Oval Office, where he will rule for life until his connection drops, we get an F in chat to pay respects and then we let Player 2 take over from where he left off until the end of time.

As far as I’m concerned, the end of 2019 brings us one year closer to the beginning of the Eternal Gamer Reich!