Don’t Badger Your Family

You’re lucky you’re not at my Thanksgiving. We’re talking about the Jews, but we’re all drunk, smoking two cigarettes at once, gritting our teeth, men are doing cocaine and pointing guns at each other, everything feels inexplicably thick and damp, a guy calls for hookers and you’re just hoping he won’t choke one to death. It’s terribly morbid. It’s existential. You should be happy your family is a bunch of braindead morons. It’s really better that way.

I was reading some comments on a secret gamer forum I attend, and someone wrote this:

Lavrov seems like a serious person. The adult in the room, so to speak.

I’m no expert on Russian leaders, but he sure looks and acts more serious than any of the bat shit crazy lunatics running the west these days. Blinken has this deer in the headlights look that seems to be permanently affixed to his Jew puss now, it never changes. And he’s the guy who got those 50+ intel experts to sign that paper saying that laptop had all the earmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. The fact that this illegitimate idiot Biden is still in the Whitehouse and still being called the president is a Jew disinformation campaign.

You see, Jews are Bolsheviks, they always were the Bolsheviks. Now all they can do is project against everyone else, but if you know what you’re looking at, you can always see the Bolshevism of the Jews when they get anywhere near the levers of power, and this administration is THE most Jewed up god damn thing I’ve ever seen in the US.

Blinken, Garland, Nuland, hell we just sent Penny Pritzker to The Ukraine recently.

Walensky who just left the CDC to no doubt go push her propaganda from the offices of Pfizer or some other Pharma powerhouse. All of these people, and more that I can’t sit here and name all day, have two things in common. 1: They’re Jews, and, 2: They never tell the truth about anything. Listening to a word they say and believing it is dangerous. They’re also the ones who always want to censor everyone else.

Throughout all of recorded history, I can’t think of a single time where those who pushed censorship were ever on the right side of ANYTHING!

These mother fuckers just slithered in here and set up shop with their Jew bank, and over the years they bought up everything, they just monopolized it all.

Amerika is not a serious country, it hasn’t been for a long long time. These people are a joke!

I thought it was a great comment.

So then someone replies:

HEAR HERE! I’m going to stand up at the Thanksgiving dinner table and read that post, excellent!

Then, the guy who wrote the first post replies:

I’m glad you get it. Thank You.

I believe much of what I say is stuff that needs to be said, and I’m not afraid to say it. That said, perhaps holiday gatherings with family aren’t always the place to say them. My own family knows what I think, I’d say the younger boys and younger men are on the same page, but there are some (like my sister) who don’t like it, and holiday gatherings aren’t really the place to turn into a battle royale.

You know the people you’re going to be having dinner with, so it’s your call of course. For your parents sake (if they’re still alive and will be there), please don’t make a scene, they just want to have dinner with their children. There’s (usually) better times to talk about this stuff, and most of the people who don’t get it are never going to anyway. Use proper judgement, and if the ground is fertile then go ahead and plant the seeds. Otherwise, please just have a nice day and deal with people in a more one-on-one basis at another time.

I know my parents didn’t mind that I thought for myself and came to my own conclusions. There was never a time I couldn’t say whatever I wanted to say, but saying it at a holiday dinner table with people who were not receptive to it (sisters, in-law’s, invited guests, etc.) would just make my parents day a drag, so I usually bit my tongue or moved the conversation to after dinner away from unreceptive ears. I assume you know who you’re going to be with, I just don’t want my words driving people away from the dinner table and/or starting a family brawl. To the people reading this forum, this stuff may not seem provocative, but out there in the world it’s very provocative. You have to bring people up to speed, you can’t just dump the whole load on them in one fell swoop. We’re fishing, not hunting.

And with that, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have said it, but he said it better. I say it every year at the holiday period: you’re going to be with your family, you’re maybe going to be drinking – do not start talking about the Jews.

Even if someone brings it up, as they might given the current situation, just say something like “yeah they should do a ceasefire.” Don’t go into some crazy rant.

There was actually a part above this in the very first Illness Revelations article – you may remember. It’s towards the end there.

But yeah, I guess we’re about to wrap this article up – it’s so great I didn’t have to write very much.

I promise you: you will not regret taking this advice.

Most likely, your family is a bunch of losers who do not care about the truth, or else they would be harassing you about the Jews. It’s not like this isn’t really, really obvious. I mean, imagine the type of life-failure you have to be to be uncomfortable talking about the fact that Jews are everywhere running everything in our society. Imagine how lowly of a person you have to be to be intimidated by the stupidest possible propaganda, and imagine how low your moral character has to be to see this suffering caused by these Jews and be unwilling to stand up and call it out.

This is the majority of people.

They are complete failures at life and they have very low moral character. You just sort of have to accept that. It doesn’t mean they’re “bad people,” it just means they are weak, pathetic worms.

These people are just taking up space, and their stupid problems do not matter.

But what are you going to do?

It is what it is.