Drag Show Corrupts Tiny Pennsylvania Town

There isn’t anywhere to run. Except to ultra-rural areas.

Although, you do at least have pushback in the small towns.

New York Post:

A pair of drag queens sashayed peacefully into a tiny Pennsylvania town Saturday after hundreds of residents campaigned to shut down their show for allegedly violating anti-pornography laws.

The show went on after conservatives in sleepy Millersburg, Penn., a Susquehanna River village with a population of just 2,541, erupted last month when local group Pride in the Valley announced a “Drag Dinner” fund-raiser in a storefront coffee shop.

“We thought it was fantastic, we would come again,” said attendee Nancy Rose who came from Sacramento, Pa. to the event, where potential protests failed to show up outside the Peace of Mind Cafe.

Drag queens Sarabesque and Sedusa were billed as the “sickening entertainers” at a $25 adults-only soiree at the 34-seat lunchroom on Millersburg’s main street.

Three days later, an anonymous opponent launched an online petition demanding “visual barriers” to block the cafe’s plate-glass windows during the gender-bending acts, citing a local ordinance outlawing any “performance which is pornography” where children can see it.

“The content of a drag show is inherently sexual in nature and has no business being exhibited to minors in Millersburg or anywhere else,” the appeal — which racked up 773 signatures — read.

On Dec. 20, opponents faced off at a hastily called meeting of the Millersburg Borough Council — where boosters claimed cross-dressing as a form of high art and detractors damned it as a sign of societal collapse.

After an hour of debate, the six-member council voted 4-2 to let the show proceed with no screens required.

The victory spurred Pride in the Valley to book three additional Drag Dinner seatings on Saturday and Sunday, all of which promptly sold out.

You notice from the photos it’s all women.

Women love this really sick stuff.