Elon Nips Jew Heels Again, Whining About Wikipedia Jews

CEO of “X, Formerly Twitter” (XFT) Elon Musk pictured yipping at Jews. He later nipped at them before turning to flee in a state of absolute terror and urinating all over himself as he ran. He then shat, while continuing to run. However, he quickly became exhausted, collapsed, and started whining. At that point, a bullying cat approached him and repeatedly claw-swatted his snout. After the cat tap-danced away from him, he again urinated all over himself while shivering.

Do you know what Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, said, Elon?

“You who are neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

What is the potential purpose of nipping at the heels of Jews if you’re just going to then turn around and do an apology tour explaining your right to exist to Ben Shapiro and a rabbinical council?

Either do or do not, Elon.


Elon Musk has offered to donate $1 billion to Wikipedia if the online encyclopedia renames itself ‘D*ckipedia’ for at least a year, while accusing the community-edited website of being biased.

Posting on his social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, Musk claimed that “Wikipedia is inherently hierarchical and therefore subject to the biases of higher ranking editors, independent of their merits.”

The billionaire contrasted Wikipedia’s approach to that of the new Community Notes feature he introduced on X, arguing there was a “fundamental difference.”

The mechanism allows users to add clarifications to posts that many people find controversial, but requires consensus by “people with historically different points of view,” he stated.

“Crucially, even I, as the controlling shareholder of the company, cannot change the outcome of a Note,” Musk added.

It’s a bad meme, Elon.

You did another bad meme, and you should feel bad about yourself.

You should delete your account, Elon. “Dickipedia” isn’t a funny joke, Elon. Why not say “Kikepedia,” Elon? You know that’s the joke, Elon. Are you scared, Elon? You’re the richest man in the world, Elon. You’re six foot something, Elon. You’re scared of a bizarre ancient satanic tribe of little baby-killing rat people, Elon? You’re failing at life, Elon. Life is swallowing you, Elon. This is what losing looks like, Elon. You are losing on a massive scale, Elon. This is like if instead of being stabbed by Brutus, Julius Caesar had masturbated himself to death in public, Elon.

There is another phrase, more recent than that of Jesus, but relevant here: “The dogs bark and the caravan moves on.” I think it’s a quote from one of the Islamic hadiths, so shoutout to my boys over on the east side – #FreePalestine.

Elon is a choker. It’s all bark, no bite, but it isn’t really even a bark. It’s more of a yip. He’s a yipper and a nipper.

It’s gross, and it serves no purpose for anyone, including the American right wing, Christendom, the white race, or his family and personal business interests.

It’s also like when women fake committing suicide for attention and end up with brain damage. It’s destructive to him personally, and provides no positive outcome.

I guess I already said that.

I’ve busted the 10k words mark today. There is obviously going to be a decline in quality.

I was just thinking that Tom Russell was a better folk song writer than “Bob Dylan” and that no one knows who he is (I don’t love him, really, it’s too sentimental and primitive – “folk” – but he’s better than “Bob Dylan”), then I played that song, and said “yeah, that’s pretty good lyrically, he’s got some good energy, it’s just obviously superior to ‘Bob Dylan,'” and then when the song ended, Jewish YouTube forwarded me to a Jewish “Bob Dylan” song. I’m so exhausted by the Jews. If they don’t manage to bomb you or starve you to death when you’re a child or abort you, the Jews simply exhaust you to death.

It’s always this: