EU Border Agency Says It’s Impossible to Stop Migrant Invasion

You could actually just start shooting these people, at which point they would immediately stop coming.

None of them are actually fleeing for their lives, and therefore none of them would risk being shot in order to enter Europe.

Conversely, you could just arrest them and deport them after they arrive, which would also stop the majority of arrivals. The reason these people come is that they know they will be allowed to live and collect welfare in Europe. If Europe deported them when they found them, and gave no welfare, they would not come.

There are probably a dozen different solutions that would totally or mostly prevent the arrival of these invaders.


Irregular immigration to the EU from Western Africa rose more than ten times on the year in January, according to the bloc’s Frontex border agency, which expects overall arrivals to grow in 2024 and says halting the movement of people completely is impossible.

Frontex head Hans Leijtens spoke in his Warsaw office ahead of a trip by the EU chief executive and Spanish prime minister on Thursday to Mauritania, which has recently become a major point of departure for Europe.

Asked about a June EU-wide parliamentary election, in which migration is a top issue, the former Dutch border guard told Reuters that stopping irregular arrivals completely was not realistic.

Migration is a global phenomenon. We need to manage migration because we can’t cope with unmanaged migration to Europe,” he said. “But a full stop – for me that seems very difficult, not to say impossible.”

It’s not a “global phenomenon.” It’s a phenomenon of third world brown people moving into white countries.

These people are not moving into Asian countries, despite the fact that most of East Asia now has a significantly better standard of living than most of the white world.

Leijtens said orderly management of the bloc’s external borders was an important part of a broader “European portfolio” needed to face the challenge and stressed the need for EU development and other aid to foreign countries.

Last year, Frontex recorded 380,000 irregular border crossings, the highest since 2016. That marked another consecutive year of growth since the 2020 COVID pandemic lows, a trend Leijtens saw holding in 2024.

I don’t think there will be a new trend in terms of the numbers going down,” he said, expecting more people from sub-Saharan Africa to seek to get to Europe, while the situation of Palestinians fleeing Gaza was uncertain.

I don’t want to sound very alarmist but I think it’s an assumption that can be proven right.”

Those fleeing wars have the right to asylum in the EU, which has sheltered millions of Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion since 2022. Africans are mostly seen as labour migrants and the bloc wants to keep a tight lid on such arrivals.

Reuters saw the Frontex January data ahead of official publication. It showed the Atlantic route as the busiest irregular migration path into the EU, representing almost a half of the total nearly 14,000 arrivals last month.

We are all being buried.

Every white country is being buried, save for Russia, where they don’t allow it.

Everyone else is going to drown in the thick stench of Africans and other dark-skinned primitives.