Florida: 2 Dead, 7 Injured After Mall Shooting

They still try to report these black shootings as if they are mass shootings.

Especially in the British media, they do this.

Americans certainly recognize that there is a very big difference between blacks popping off in a public area and a classic “mass shooting.”

The Guardian:

Two people have died and seven have been wounded following a shooting at a popular shopping mall in Florida.

A fight broke out at the Martini Bar located in the CityPlace Doral early on Saturday morning, according to Miami-Dade police. The altercation resulted in a security guard, who intervened in the dispute, being shot and killed by the gunman, who was then also killed in a subsequent gun battle with police, according to Alvaro Zabaleta, a Miami-Dade detective.

Six bystanders, including five men and one woman, were injured in the gunfight, as well as a police officer who was shot in the leg, Zabaleta said.

“Officers that were working at the commercial establishment at the time immediately responded, and there was an exchange of gunfire,” Zabaleta said during a news conference.

“Unfortunately, the security guard lost his life while he was performing his duties, and of course, our heart goes out to that family.”

The injured police officer, who applied his own tourniquet per CBS News, has since been released from hospital. Officers were already patrolling the area as part of a late-night security detail, according to police.

Honestly, if you’re a security guard, and a black guy starts doing something, it’s really above your pay grade.

You really want to die for that?

How much are you getting paid? $20 an hour?

You want your mom to be crying on your coffin because you were really committed to the honor and dignity of your $20 an hour security job?