Watch: Dreamers on a Scooter Drag Woman Along NYC Street

Pro-immigration activists will constantly point out that immigrants “commit less crime than Americans.” Obviously, this means they commit less crime than black people.

However, everyone commits less crime than black people. Black people will always be responsible for the overwhelming majority of crime, regardless of other details.

The issue with immigrants is that they commit much more crime than normal Americans, i.e., white people.

New York Post:

Two men were busted in the Bronx as part of a moped-riding migrant crew that has been snatching cellphones right out of New Yorkers’ hands in daring bursts of street crime — and police sources say they’ve already flipped on the group’s ringleader.

The two suspects — Cleyber Andrade, 19, and Juan Uzcatgui, 23 — are allegedly part of a wider ring whose members are connected to 62 different instances of grand larceny throughout the Big Apple – including a shocking caught-on-video heist where a 62-year-old woman was brutally dragged down a Brooklyn street, police sources told The Post.

But cops are still searching for the ringleader, a Venezuelan migrant named Victor Parra, 30, of the Bronx, who was cut loose by a judge in December after getting picked up for grand larceny, sources said.

At a Monday press conference, NYPD Inspector Nicholas Fiore said Parra has convinced others to “go do his dirty work to grab phones and stuff.”

“He’s the big target,” Fiore said in a video posted to X. “He’s caused a lot of problems in New York City. And hopefully we’ll grab him, we get some headway on this.”

The NYPD outlined the gang’s vicious tactics in a video clip posted online, which showed a moped-borne robber dragging Irina Panteleeva, 62, across the pavement in front of Bay Gourmet Deli Juice Bar on Sheepshead Bay Road just three days after Christmas.

The thieves made off with Panteleeva’s bag, keys, phone credit cards and glasses — all while she careened through the air and slammed into a metal bike rack.

“I feel bad, I feel bad,” Panteleeva told The Post over the phone. “The thieves stole my bag.”

Nesat Mamudoski, 69, her building super, told The Post that the bruised and battered victim was terrified after the attack and had him change her apartment lock.

“She’s a nice lady, a good person,” Mamudoski said of Panteleeva, adding that her attackers “scumbags.”

I came here 44 years ago from Yugoslavia and I had respect for the USA,” he said. “Not like these thieves.”

The entire narrative has reversed on the migrant issue, as the media and the Democrats attempt to bring themselves more in line with the public perception of these issues.

Regardless, the damage is already done. No one is going to send these people back. You can slow the progress of the invasion on the border, but that really won’t make any difference. There are already too many of these people here for the US to ever come close to managing the situation.

It is what it is, I suppose.