Russia Moving to Ban Homosexual Emojis…!

Gays are using emojis to try to recruit young boys into their disgusting and unnatural lifestyle.


At least two dozen emojis found in smartphones promote nontraditional sexual relations and should be banned in Russia, the first deputy chairman of the parliamentary defense committee, Aleksey Zhuravlev has stated.

Some pictograms depict “same-sex couples with children, kissing men, kissing women, a pregnant man, a male-bride with a mustache, bearded women” and others, the lawmaker told Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Friday. Zhuravlev is the leader of the Rodina (Motherland) party and a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) in the State Duma.

Emojis are mainly employed in instant messengers and social media sites, which are the most popular platforms among users, he noted.

“All this is seen by kids, who constantly send those emojis to each other,” Zhuravlev said.

The MP pointed out that a law banning LGBTQ propaganda in Russia is already in force, insisting that the pictograms represent “exactly the type of propaganda” that it’s supposed to tackle.

“Measures must be taken to remove those emojis and block their use in Russia,” he declared.

The entire society should be cleansed of gay sex.

It might sound extreme to call out emojis, but there should not be any of this gay stuff anywhere.

Banning gay emojis also frames a fight between the Russian state and companies like Apple and Google who are responsible for creating these pro-anal emojis.