Genocide Joe to Receive Israeli Baby-Killers to Talk About Ongoing Jewish Child Murder Festival

Previously: Bibi Says Campaign Against Rafah to Proceed Despite International Pressure

Due to pressure, Biden is now acting like he’s against the Israeli slaughter.

Of course, he has the absolute ability to call Bibi and tell him at any time that this must stop. It would be a 30-second phone call. The only way Israel is able to do what they are doing is with US support.

In fact, the only way the “State of Israel,” i.e. the Jewish occupation of Palestine, is able to exist at all is with US support.

The US does not have control over their own foreign policy. It is being dictated to them by Israel. This is so obvious to the whole world, it is just absurd.


U.S. President Joe Biden warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday that an Israeli military operation in Rafah would deepen anarchy in Gaza and they agreed that teams from each side would meet in Washington to discuss it, the White House said.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters the two countries would have a comprehensive discussion on the way forward in Gaza, where a humanitarian crisis is raging after six months of fighting.

The meeting could happen this week or next, Sullivan said, and no Rafah operation would proceed before the talks.

Anarchy reigns in areas that Israel’s military has cleared, but not stabilized” in Gaza and a humanitarian crisis would deepen if Israel were to go ahead with an offensive in Rafah, Sullivan said, summarizing Biden’s message to Netanyahu.

We’ve had many discussions in many different levels between our military, our intelligence, our diplomats or humanitarian experts, but we have not yet had the opportunity to have an all-encompassing comprehensive, integrated, strategic discussion…,” he said.

There was never any chance Israel was going to “defeat Hamas.” It’s impossible. I told you this at the beginning when the media (including some alternative media) was talking about how Israel was going to “move in and take Gaza,” as if conquering the territory was a matter of pushing a button.

Hamas is not some joke organization. These are hardened men with no fear of death running around in tunnels and popping out of secret passages and killing Jews. Even while Israel has slaughtered tens of thousands of children and completely destroyed virtually every building in Gaza City, there is no evidence that Hamas has suffered significant casualties.

If the Jews were actually killing or capturing Hamas, they would be parading them around. Instead, they just kidnap randos and publicly torture them and then let them go (protip: if they were actually Hamas, they would not let them go).

This “war” necessarily cannot end. It’s an impasse. Israel is going to have to pull out at some point, and Hamas is going to come out of the tunnels waving flags in the rubble and declare victory, posting their song videos all over social media.

Either that, or it is going to go on indefinitely. Assuming Israel has infinity resources from the US and a blank check to keep going with this as long as they want, and also assuming that Erdogan doesn’t do something, they can eventually totally kill (or somehow expel) everyone in Gaza and then slowly starve out or destroy the tunnels of Hamas. But that would literally take another year, if not much longer.

This whole thing is ridiculous. It never made any sense. WaPo had leaks yesterday that no one in Washington ever got an explanation from Bibi on how he was going to “eliminate Hamas,” and Washington believes Bibi never had a plan.