Germany: Country’s Biggest Paper Writes Manifesto Demanding Moslems “Integrate or Leave”

They wrote this manifesto after tens of thousands of Moslems brought to Germany by Jews protested against Jews slaughtering babies in Gaza.

They didn’t write it after the countless terrorist attacks, murders, rapes, robberies and assaults that the invaders committed against Germans.

Those don’t really matter.


Our world is in chaos, and we are right in the middle of it. Since the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel, we are experiencing a new dimension of hatred in our country – against our values, democracy, and against Germany.

The recent days reveal what has been simmering and boiling in our society for a long time: In our country, there are many people who oppose our way of life. People who celebrate the murder of innocent civilians. Those who teach their children to hate others, because they are “infidels”. Those who want to forbid women from wearing skirts or trousers. Those who despise the Basic Law and instead listen to radical preachers. They exploit tolerance because they want a different society.

We must not accept this! This cannot continue!

Germany must now say NO! To anti-Semitism, to misanthropy, and to all those who say “No” to us.

Because in our so wonderful and embracing country, the dignity of EVERY person is inviolable: No matter what hair color he has, which language she speaks, what one believes in. We must defend this! If we stumble now, we fall.

That’s why BILD has formulated a manifesto.

A kind of house rules, a guiding idea for what keeps our free society together. The text is addressed to all people living in Germany.

Because: Never again is now!

They included a 50-point manifesto, which you can go read if you give a shit for some reason.

Basically, all you need to do to be a German is to be a deracinated Teletubbie who is superficially nice to everyone, believes in absolutely nothing and mindlessly obeys authority.

Good to know.