Government to Use AI for Censorship Because Americans “Can’t Tell Fact from Fiction”

I sure am glad we’re finally admitting that the whole concept of censorship is based around the theory that Americans are too stupid to determine fact from fiction.

Someone is going to have to explain, at some point, how the hell people who are too stupid to determine fact from fiction can be allowed to vote.

New York Post:

Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020 could soon be possible on an industrial scale — thanks to AI tools being built with funding from his father’s administration, a report from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee claimed Tuesday.

The report reveals how the Biden administration is spending millions on artificial intelligence research designed to make anti “misinformation” tools which could then be passed to social media giants.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is trying to restrict you from being allowed to use AI.

And it discloses how researchers who got funding for the plan — known as “Track F” — emailed each other to say that Americans could not tell fact from fiction online, and that conservatives and veterans were even more susceptible than the public at large.

The report was published by the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government, which is chaired by Jim Jordan (R-OH).

It casts new light on how funding from the National Sciences Foundation is being given to elite institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Madison-Wisconsin and the University of Michigan, for a program called “Trust & Authenticity in Communication Systems.”

“Track F” was launched to identify “misinformation” and create “education and training materials” for those with “vulnerabilities to disinformation methods.”

It is part of a larger initiative, “The Convergence Accelerator Program,” that aims to solve issues with “significant national impact” by finding high-level research and which was quietly launched in 2021.

In theory, tools like this could be used to remove child pornography or deepfake photos — like the nude images created of Taylor Swift.

But the Republicans’ report details how researchers working on the technology aimed to censor the general public, with the $13 million program’s manager Michael Pozmantier describing it as “focused on combatting mis/disinformation.”

At MIT, one researcher told NSF officials “broad swaths of the public cannot effectively sort truth from fiction online.”


The researcher specifically called out “military veterans, older adults, military families” and those in “rural and indigenous communities” as particularly vulnerable to believing misinformation.

At the University of Michigan, one researcher who received millions suggested one possible outcome of the research was outsourcing content “moderation” decisions from social media platforms to government officials.

The researchers point to certain groups like those that read “the Bible or the Constitution” as subject to misinformation.


This is all so very ridiculous.

Most people would prefer having freedom of speech to being allowed to vote. This is especially true given that voting is totally worthless, and changes nothing.

These people are claiming that they have to control people’s thoughts in order to control how they vote, which is a pretty incredible admission. But if these populations who love the Bible and Constitution, who they frame as completely inept morons, were not allowed to vote, presumably they would then be allowed to have freedom of speech, right?

Is that the way this works?