Greta Joins Hamas, Calls for “Eternal Jihad Against the Zionist Parasite” [UPDATE: Cucked!]


Okay, so, you can now edit tweets and change the photos. Greta cropped out the octopus.


Original article follows.

Greta has a problem with carbon dioxide. She has no problem with Zyklon B, which is why she’s calling for it to be used to “finish off the kikes once and for all.”

“The quickest way to change the weather is to stop the Jews from breathing,” Greta added.

She then posted a video of herself planting a bomb at a Jewish Community Center, while laughing hysterically.

No, I’m just joking.

But she did post this:

That’s no joke.

(Check that octopus.)

Pretty hardcore, really. It’s kinda safe… but not that safe. It’s definitely the least safe thing the bitch has ever done, and I think she’s going to get some backlash for it.