Jews Bomb Residential Area in Syria, Kill Several Iranians

There sure are a lot of bombs blowing up in the Middle East.

It’s almost like we’re on the brink of a major war…


An Israeli airstrike has hit a residential building in the Syrian capital, killing several people, the state-run SANA news agency has reported.

The “Israeli aggression” took place in the Mezzeh neighborhood of southwest Damascus on Saturday morning, the agency said.

According to SANA, several people, including a “number of Iranian advisers,” died in the bombing raid.

Unverified videos on social media showed a major explosion and a building in the capital being reduced to rubble.

A security source told Reuters news agency that the Israeli attack was aimed at members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and that several were killed and wounded.

Syrian political analyst Taleb Ibrahim, who spoke to RT from Damascus, said that “dozens of civilian were buried [in the debris], some of the Iranian military advisers were assassinated by this airstrike.”

According to Ibrahim, the attack was carried out by IDF jets from the airspace of the Golan Heights, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967. A total of four missiles were fired at the Syrian capital, he added.

So, this is not really an escalation.

Israel bombs Syria constantly.

But what does it prove?

It proves that Israel has really good intelligence! They killed a bunch of civilians, but also killed Iranians, who were the target!

So now, let’s think about the hundreds of hospitals and other medical facilities that Israel destroyed in Gaza, only to find that there were no Hamas there.

How can Israel’s intelligence be so good in Damascus, and so bad in Gaza???

Of course, what any successful strike by Israel proves – and there are a lot of them in Syria – is that their strikes on Gazan infrastructure are intended to kill civilians.