Palestinian with American Citizenship Killed by Jews in West Bank

I don’t think someone is “an American” because they have US citizenship. But that is the policy of the US government, which gives citizenship out to random people.

According to that policy, this teenager has all the rights of any American citizen, and killing him is no different than the Jews killing any other American.

However, it seems unlikely that those rules will apply.

CBS News:

A Palestinian-American teenager was shot and killed Friday by Israeli troops in the West Bank, Palestinian officials told Reuters.

The 17-year-old boy was shot during clashes with Israeli forces, the victim’s uncle told Reuters.

A State Department spokesperson would only confirm to CBS News that a U.S. citizen had died in the West Bank, adding that “we are working to understand the circumstances of the incident and have asked the government of Israel for further information.”

The Israeli Police Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement that on Friday afternoon that “an incident report was received concerning firearm discharge, ostensibly involving an off-duty law enforcement officer, a soldier, and a civilian.” The “discharge was directed towards a perceived threat,” described by the police statement as Palestinian individuals throwing rocks along a highway. 

According to the Jews, all Palestinians are “humanoid animals,” and therefore they are all a perceived threat.

This guy was a lot less threatening than most. As proof of his Americanness, the nibba was fat as heck.

You see that guy, you do not think “this person is so threatening I need to immediately shoot him in the head so he doesn’t hurt me.”

“Additional information indicated the potential fatality of a 17-year-old Palestinian due to gunfire,” the police statement said, adding that an investigation has been launched.

The Israel Defense Forces told CBS News that an IDF soldier was present in the area, and that the “claim that the soldier fired at the Palestinian is under review.” 

According to Wafa, the Palestinian National Authority’s official news agency, the boy was shot in the head.

Remember that because he had US citizenship, the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashogghi in Turkey was supposed to be the most important thing that ever happened in history?

Do you remember that?

This odious bastard, a mouthpiece for the Islamic Brotherhood:

Nigga looks like he should be smoking a hookah in a Hutt Cartel cantina.

It was the US media that said his death was really, really important, primarily because he held US citizenship. They kept calling him “an American journalist,” roflmao.

So what do they say about this kid killed in the West Bank?

Methinks they say very little at all.

Although, others are going to talk about it, and this could be part of the beginning of the shift away from this Israel thing.


A member of Bibi’s cabinet just gave an interview saying Bibi is lying about the war.

While American Jews have been trying not to say it, there are a lot, lot of people in Israel very unhappy with this war. It’s largely not because they don’t want Palestinians slaughtered, they simply think Bibi is incompetent in executing this war.

This is now seeping into the American Jewish discourse. I saw a Jew analyst on MSNBC saying Bibi’s political future is at risk.